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1 For example, a squatter may make "improvements" that the owner considers detrimental .
2 Crossed-eyes occasionally occur, although this is not typically considered detrimental to their health or longevity.
3 Clerical control in the domain of knowledge and intellect was considered detrimental to the progress of human knowledge.
4 The continuing lack of national policy statements and environmental standards are widely considered detrimental to the Act's administration.
5 Is that considered detrimental ?
6 Both the deterministic and random components of signal propagation are usually considered detrimental to the overall performance of a wireless network.
7 Similarly, land-use or zoning maps can show where planners have designated uses that may be considered detrimental to home ownership.
8 Generally 12th house from any house is considered detrimental to that house and hence negates the results of that house.
9 A thick layer of interfacial intermetallics is usually considered detrimental due to its commonly low fracture toughness and other sub-par mechanical properties.
10 Natural hygiene, an offshoot of naturopathy, is a philosophy of health and "natural living" that opposes most medical treatments and advocates (a) eating a "raw food" diet of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, (b) periodic fasting , and (c) "food combining" (avoiding food combinations it considers detrimental ).
11 I highly recommend the support to push our breeds clubs forward and support the efforts many are making in the face of BSL and other items that are considered detrimental to the future of our breed.
12 Article 39 enabled the government to prohibit any activities it considered detrimental by stating that "Enjoyment of the rights and freedoms of citizens must not be to the detriment of the interests of society or the state." Article 59 obliged citizens to obey the laws and comply with the standards of socialist society as determined by the party.
13 Criticism was laid against aspects of the main narrative, the combat, and design choices that were considered detrimental to the game.
14 The presence of Aboriginal hunters in the Northwest Territories was considered detrimental to the government's utilitarian and scientific approach to wildlife management, which was designed to produce a surplus of bison which could then be exploited as commodities.
15 The article was considered detrimental to Clary's career by some, although Clary has continued to be seen on television and Bushell has since dismissed the controversy as "a storm in a teacup".
16 When public health issues arose, only those that were considered detrimental to the warfighting mission could have resources allocated, and this required some difficult decisions on the part of the public health branch staff.
17 However his concept of an autonomous Air Expeditionary Force was abandoned by the Federal Government in favour of full commitment to the Empire Air Training Scheme, which Goble considered detrimental to local defence.
18 At this point, civilian thoughts and habits are considered detrimental to training, so they are squashed during this period by intense physical training, unchanging routines, strict discipline, and heavy instruction.
19 Often these letters cite the results of investigations he has ordered, detailing management decisions and actions he considers detrimental to shareholder value.
20 However this was considered detrimental to the building's architectural integrity, so in 1987 the lost wings were replaced by five new houses, modelled on the style of the hall.
21 John Tyson, a former roommate, recalled that "We distrusted these movements a lot ... We were a pretty traditional bunch of guys, positive for civil rights and women's rights but formal, transformed by the social revolution to some extent but not buying into something we considered detrimental to our country.
22 The ability to enact such a clause appears justified under the collective bargaining agreement which states an NFL team can fine a player one week's salary and suspend him without pay for up to four weeks for any action the club considers detrimental to the team.
23 They are considered detrimental to the stream's health since they do not provide shade, are less effective at controlling erosion and, since they grow in thick clusters, impede access to the stream.
24 One would "burn" one's opponent with a variety of these hand gestures that would mimic an action that would be considered detrimental to the dancer's adversary.
25 This practice was considered detrimental to the great lords, since it deprived them to a certain extent the fruits of their tenure, such as escheats, marriages,wardships and the like.
26 Although they have been considered an invasive species, it has been more recently shown that the beaver have some beneficial ecological effects on native fish and should not be considered wholly detrimental .
27 Following Clay's upset victory over Liston, both fighters were almost immediately embroiled in controversy that was considered detrimental to the sport of boxing.
28 The model minority stereotype is considered detrimental to relevant minority communities, because it is used to justify the exclusion of minorities in the distribution of assistance programs, public and private, and to understate or slight the achievements of individuals within that minority.
29 Transport is a delicate matter on Socotra because, as much as modern transportation has its advantages, road construction has been considered detrimental to the island and its ecosystem.
30 Especially during the first half of the 20th century, black-billed magpies were considered detrimental to game-bird populations (they sometimes steal bird eggs) and domestic stock (they sometimes peck at sores on cattle), and were systematically trapped or shot.
31 In addition Euroscepticism in states such as the UK and Denmark is fed in part by the CAP, which Eurosceptics consider detrimental to their economies.
32 The MacDill AFB flight line was temporarily closed and the 56th Fighter Wing transferred to Luke AFB, Arizona following the 1991 round of base closings under the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) discussions; at the time, the base was used for F-16 fighter training and operations and increasing level of civilian air traffic in the Tampa Bay area was considered detrimental to training.
33 In the process, dingoes are sometimes considered detrimental to society and the environment (for example, that they are in general the cause for the extinction of native animals).
34 The Japanese encouraged aborigines to maintain traditional costumes and selected customs that were not considered detrimental to society, but invested much time and money in efforts to eliminate traditions deemed unsavory by Japanese culture, including tattooing . By the mid-1930s as Japan's empire was reaching its zenith, the colonial government began a political socialization program designed to enforce Japanese customs, rituals and a loyal Japanese identity upon the aborigines.
35 According to this principle, individuals have the right to partake in any actions they choose, as long as these actions do not impede the rights of others, even if the actions could be considered detrimental to that person.
36 Certain groups turn to destruction of property to stop environmental destruction or to make visible arguments against forms of modern technology they consider detrimental to the environment.
37 While the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) could block any sales it considered detrimental to the interests of the US, the NA-73 was considered to be a special case because it had been designed at the behest of the British.
38 In this case, criminalization becomes a way to set the price that one must pay to society for certain actions considered detrimental to society as a whole.
39 says in, in the, the first part it, it seems to be written in a very sort of erm very pro-peasant style, it's like a justification of things that are happening, he s says that the reasons for the, the peasant movement were the exact opposite of what the gentry in Hankow and Changchun were saying erm that the, that the Party, that the revolutionary authorities had, had taken wrong measures because they thought that the reasons for these movements were, were otherwise and these we they were considered detrimental so they had to change these, these er original wrong meas measures to benefit the future of the revolution.
40 Phen375 is offered devoid of prescription, however its' forerunner Phentemine was banned considering that of manufacturing in uncontrolled circumstances, along with it becoming considered detrimental .