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1 Once again, this proved detrimental to his health.
2 These debacles proved highly detrimental to India-Pakistan relations.
3 Indeed, statins may prove detrimental .
4 Such an employee could return with a vengeance and could prove detrimental to the company .
5 Kilbourn and her colleagues believe that tourism should not prove detrimental to the animals or humans involved.
6 During flight testing, the superior gliding capability of the "Komet" proved detrimental to safe landing.
7 Its failure to protect certain sacred sites proved detrimental to Native American culture and religion as a whole.
8 Stosur puts heavy topspin onto the ball, which has proven detrimental to Zvonareva's ball-striking ability.
9 There are many consequences, which may prove detrimental for an individual convicted of arson outside of criminal penalties.
10 All of these factors would indeed prove detrimental for the Taínos in Puerto Rico and surrounding Caribbean islands.
11 The theft of stock, hardware and increasingly today, data, can prove detrimental to a business's finances.
12 The approach should continue certain strategies that have been successful in the past, while adjusting others that have proved detrimental .
13 The Beatles' unquestioning loyalty to Epstein would later prove detrimental , as the band rarely read contracts before signing them.
14 This decree provided windfall gains to several well-connected Nigerians, but proved highly detrimental to non-oil investment in the Nigerian economy.
15 There remain, at the same time, two unsolved problems which have proved detrimental to the establishment of work schemes.
16 This proved highly detrimental to the club's fortunes and KSK finished bottom in 2007, and relegated to the second division.
17 The allotment system was favored by liberal reformers at the time, including Schurz, but instead proved detrimental to American Indians.
18 This will keep you from publishing anything that proves detrimental to your reputation or social image , which could hurt your business.
19 But if the operation of the Act should prove as detrimental to the interests of trade as many of them imagined, said 'A Merchants Clerk' in his letter to The Times of 22 August 1844, they were surely powerful enough to cause their just complaints to be heard.
20 Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the disclosure of Social Security numbers of deceased persons shall be lawful, provided that the state agency disclosing the information knows of no reason why such disclosure would prove detrimental to the deceased individual's estate or harmful to the deceased individual's living relatives.
21 Some insist that even a slight fluctuation in temperature can prove detrimental to the flavor of their cigars, and insist on a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
22 Sources here said that if Mr Schalck-Golodkowski was put on trial his inside knowledge of life under Mr Erich Honecker could prove highly detrimental to the already disgraced former East German leaders.
23 I never knew that being educated as a woman is NOT a virtue and can prove detrimental as it is leaving many unmarried Girls.
24 They have plenty of room to get away from one another.> I'm also concerned that the Hermit's predacious tendencies could prove detrimental to the other tank inhabitants, especially as I begin to stock fish.
25 Contracts negotiated should provide the institution with the ability to control and monitor third party activities (e.g. growth restrictions, underwriting guidelines, outside audits, etc.) and discontinue relationships that prove detrimental to the institution.
26 The policy of EPA for cost-reimbursement, term form contracts is to make provisional payment of fee (i.e. the fixed fee on cost-plus-fixed-fee type contracts or the base fee on cost-plus-award-fee type contracts) on a percentage of work completed basis, when such a method will not prove detrimental to proper contract performance.
27 Angelina's departure is not the only issue facing the judges, as it's also clear that Yolanda's excessive negativity and unrealistic expectations are proving detrimental to Michael's learning.
28 VWoA's plant had to run at 85% of capacity to break even, rather than the projected 50% – which proved detrimental when Rabbit sales fell and VWoA had to begin offering rebates on a stock of unsold cars.
29 He grew deeply disappointed by what he saw as the economic and foreign policy failures of the presidency of George W. Bush–in part because he felt that it was these failures that ultimately paved the way for more drastic governmental overspending and decline of the free enterprise system, which he believes will prove detrimental to long-term social and economic prosperity.
30 It is well understood that sportspersons bear the tremendous psychological pressure of performing on behalf of their nation – and this level of pressure, coupled with the stress of their profession, can at any point prove detrimental to their well-being.
31 Much concern also centers on the use of a single measure that might prove detrimental to institutions if that measure is allowed to take on undue significance and be used for inappropriate purposes.
32 His deed proves detrimental to the entire community, deprived of its alarm clock, and rumors quickly spread that Nică is responsible.
33 However, Aderca was also inclined to question the absolute validity of synchronistic tenets: suggesting that the pursuit of innovation as a goal in itself could prove equally detrimental on a writer's originality, he equated such imperatives with another sort of public command in the realm of literature.
34 Whereas a sudden lowering of a carbon emission cap may prove detrimental to economies, a gradual lowering of the cap may risk future environmental damage via global warming.
35 The greatest impact upon reptilian species will be seen in changes in phenological events, but their limited dispersal abilities may also prove detrimental in conjunction with their specific physiological temperature constraints.
36 The policy of these cabinets was characterized by conservatism: in the social sense, by strengthening pillarization and enforcing public morality; in the economic sense, by keeping income and expenditure on the same level, which proved detrimental in the Great Depression; and in foreign policy, by adhering to armed neutrality and maintaining colonialism.
37 The Movement became a major part of the struggle of the Non-cooperation movement Mahmood maintained that the activities of the movement were against the teachings of Islam and would prove detrimental for the Muslims.
38 With the financial collapse of Shelbourne after having won the 2006 title and the prospect of the club representing the eircom League in the UEFA Champions League for the 2007-08 European season, there were worries that their participation and representation might have proven detrimental to the league's co-efficient, which had been steadily improving since the mid-2000s - so much so, that Shelbourne and Derry City were to be entered into the preliminary qualifying round draws for that season's competitions as seeded teams.
39 This policy, known as the allotment system and embodied in the Dawes Act, was favored by liberal reformers at the time, but eventually proved detrimental to American Indians as they sold most of their land at low prices to white speculators.
40 The injuries to the two All-Stars proved detrimental in the Leinster club campaign however, a narrow victory over Carlow champions Mount Leinster Rangers led to another clash with fellow Leinster kingpins Birr.