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1 Male homosexuality is still hedged about by legal considerations.
2 The whole question is hedged about by doubts.
3 Each power is hedged about with qualifications and bureaucratic safeguards.
4 What do you think about hedging directional risk of a vertical spread with stock?
5 What about hedge fund regulation?
6 Obviously, such a cult would have to be hedged about with secrecy.
7 As such it is hedged about with many taboos and requires long period of apprenticeship.
8 It offered only a short-term credit, and that hedged about with oppressive conditions.
9 We Europeans are still filled with prejudices and hedged about with preconceptions in regard to these matters.
10 Now that employment is hedged about with legislation a company may have difficulties and expense in shedding unsuitable workers.
11 Meanwhile, residential social work is hedged about with overt and unspoken rules in any effort to improve matters.
12 We hedge about , sensing how close we can get to someone, and how much of ourselves we can risk revealing.
13 When men have learned that when they harm a living thing they harm themselves, they surely will not kill, nor cause a thing that God has made to suffer pain. 11) A lawyer said, I pray you, Jesus, tell who is this God you speak about; where are his priests, his temples and his shrines? 12) And Jesus said, The God I speak about is everywhere; he cannot be compassed with walls, nor hedged about with bounds of any kind. 13) All people worship God, the One; but all the people see him not alike. 14) This universal God is wisdom, will and love. 15) All men see not the Triune God.
14 cradles, nurture them to greatest power, and when their tasks are done they wrap them in their winding sheets and lay them in their tombs. 7) Events are many in a nation's life, and in the life of man, that are not pleasant for the time; but in the end the truth appears: whatever comes is for the best. 8) Man was created for a noble part; but he could not be made a free man filled with wisdom, truth and might, 9) If he were hedged about , confined in straits from which he could not pass, then he would be a toy, a mere machine. 10) Creative spirits gave to man a will; and so he has the power to choose. 11) He may attain the greatest heights, or sink to deepest depths; for what he wills to gain he has the power to gain. 12) If he desires strength he has the power to gain that strength; but he must overcome resistances to reach the goal; no strength is ever gained
15 All the permissions granted by the GDO are subject to conditions and some are hedged about by preconditions which can be very important.
16 It is because of the preciousness of the theme, the holiness of the act, that it should be hedged about by those divine barriers which, in blessed contrast with those of Sinai, to exclude the people, serve as a place of shelter for them from all that would defile, or hinder the freest exercise of worship, without the raising of disturbing questions.
17 A process so hedged about with medical mystery and old wives' tales that no man was allowed to share in it now became an experience he must not miss for the world.
18 This view is hedged about with reservations - and indeed few parents who know both their children's capacities and their teachers' helpfulness will expect schools to be measured entirely in this way.
19 But the authority upon whom the mapmakers relied mostly was Isidore (Book II, #205) , whose statement that Paradise was ' hedged about on all sides by a long wall of flame . . . in such a way that the fire reached almost to the sky ', is vividly portrayed in the Hereford map ( #226 ).
20 In many cultures this leads to an asymmetry between ways of offering agreements and disagreements in talk: agreements are given more immediately, are more frequent, and are given openly, while disagreements are relatively infrequent and are hedged about with hesitations and excuses: see Pomerantz (1984) for an extended discussion.
21 The Hussman Funds continue to be strongly defensive toward equities, with Strategic Dividend Value Fund limited to hedging about 50% of its equity exposure.
22 But sex, homicide, and religious cult are categories which we somehow expect to be hedged about by taboo, everywhere, always.
23 In Bosch's painting the ideal man, within each of us, is hedged about and confined by the human limitations of the four temperaments and the material limitations of the four elements.
24 For just as the British House of Commons is an assembly, so in Chitral, the Mehtar, seated on a platform and hedged about with a certain dignity, dispensed justice or law in sight of some hundreds of his subjects, who heard the arguments, watched the process of debate, and by their attitude in the main decided the issue.
25 Everywhere the aim of the research is to improve public understanding of a development in warfare that is arguably the most important, and certainly the most hedged about with technical complexity, since nuclear weapons.
26 The Law Commission concluded that some remedy of this type should be retained but considered that the old remedy was so hedged about with limitations (in particular, it provided no power of sale) and obscurities that it would be better to create a new, statutory right.
27 Another regulation stipulated that government and party officials were to resign from commercial posts by the end of March 1989, although this remained hedged about with exceptions.
28 By the late thirteenth century armies had very largely to be paid for, the feudal element being both small and hedged about with inconvenient restrictions on how long and where the cavalry might serve.
29 None the less, this was a significant change from the days of the old CEB, which (though hedged about by precise legal requirements on matters such as pricing) had not been subject to government limits on finance (choosing to raise its fixed-interest capital without government guarantee) and had ignored ministerial requests when it felt they were unjustified (being protected against the sanction acquired by the Minister in 1947: the power of dismissal).
30 As of now , we have hedged about $1.5 billion on the revenue side and an equal amount is hedged on the receivables side.
31 Since a process of individual wage reductions in such circumstances is bound to be ragged and discontinuous, it will be hedged about with uncertainty and apprehension.
32 That the Commonwealth "has power to make laws" in respect to ecology, conservation, preservation or heritage is not expressly given in the Constitution, and so while it may be able to do so under what are called "incidental powers", the question is hedged about with legal considerations not yet fully explored by the High Court.
33 Before the Great War, however, Baden-Powell's public attitude towards the military significance of the Boy Scouts had been hedged about with all sorts of reservations, and he had always actively disfavoured drill which he thought produced merely mechanical obedience.
34 Significantly (in comparison with the advice for wartime Britain, and the new planning problem that was then urgently confronted) suggestions for the planning of developed areas were cautious in the extreme and hedged about by restrictions due to liability to compensation.
35 These, although small and hedged about in various ways, were adorned according to the prevailing taste with urns, fountains, statues, etc., while at the windows of the houses were boxes and pots of flowers.
36 But this general rule is hedged about with various provisos, of which the following will serve as a specimen:
37 "It is a spell of freedom and boundlessness, this plot of ground that is hedged about by a rickety fence on one side, and by rearing walls stabbing skywards, on the other." In the story a weak little boy, Erno Nemecsek, shows his devotion to his gang and sacrifices himself for it.
38 Abnormalities which are recurrent and frequent become hedged about by cultural barriers and prohibitions which have the force of signals:" Danger; keep out; don't touch!"
39 According to the solicitor, W H Thompson, writing in "British Trade Unionism Today", GDH Cole, 1938, " Trade Union leaders are aware that the right to strike on any large scale, is now hedged about with highly perilous restrictions "