hedge + bet

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1 In essence, Roper has placed a supremely hedged bet on himself.
2 Thus, bets are hedged .
3 Hedging evolutionary bets , revisited.
4 As a result, a mass of put buying may reflect hedging , not Bearish bets .
5 Everyone had hedged bets .
6 To keep theories from running wild, the Obama administration should release as much information as possible, and speak directly, without any euphemisms or language that seems to be hedging a bet , Turner recommended.
7 The Word of God is truth, and here is what it says about this pestilence. (For ye of little faith and the ones who hedge bets see "Remedies" at the bottom of the page).
8 Josh Modell of "Spin" felt that "Intimacy" sometimes gets "sonically or lyrically precarious", while John Robinson of "Uncut" commented that "there's an air of slightly hedged bets ".
9 None of the ZETA team had claimed this at the press conference or in the Nature article; though, hedging bets , the paper also said this is 'not inconsistent with... a thermonuclear process'.
10 Would you prefer the approach where people in the Maldives or other areas hedge bets against future SLR as James Annan has continuously suggested ?
11 First up , "National Pastime" Derek later compares himself to Fosse (Cabaret, Chicago, Sweet Charity) which is...well... at least we now know Eileen's producer ex is hedging bets against Bombshell's success with Tom at the helm.
12 I would think hedging ones bets and investing in both is the safest option , though goodness only knows what the rules on ISAs or pensions will be in years to come - so much government control, so hard to predict the future Stu, in both your comments you seem to be talking about cash ISA, the article is about equity ISA, you choose but don't pay the management fees that come with funds, odds are that you will beat a managed fund, especially the ones sitting inside a pension which have funds managed by funds managed
13 THE bets were hedged on how late Rihanna would be for her concert on Sept 13 in Macau ( or Macao, as some spell it).
14 I leave my car doors unlocked , but I purposely chose to live in a low-crime locale, so some of my bets are hedged .
15 Behind all this is of course that damned global warming or as it is presently called "global climate change." (In case we enter a new "mini-Ice Age as my son predicts will happen any day now, bets are sufficiently hedged .) People just love to gab about the weather and how it is changing, some would say for the better.
16 (But THAT said, recent observation of Florida prosecutors leads me to hedge that bet considerably.
17 " Pitchfork Media's Matthew Perpetua found most of it "shockingly banal" and "particularly hollow, the dead-eyed result of obligations, deadlines, and hedged bets .
18 If you have the possibility of both services in a kitchen, you could opt for a gas cook top and an electric oven; or vice versa; or a mixture of both gas and electric plates to hedge bets should anything go wrong with one or other service, or to take advantage of both sorts of energy for different cooking needs (slow simmering; fast boiling etc.)
19 Everybody had known it would be a close thing, and the invitations sent out to the party that evening had hedged bets by inviting people to a 'congratulations/commiserations' party.
20 " These subsistence surpluses hedge the bets of survival a little; much of the time, though, simple (or "immediate return") foragers only get enough to eat for the next several days.