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1 TNT Express uses derivative financial instruments solely for the purpose of hedging exposures .
2 Only half this exposure is hedged .
3 They will not hedge currency exposure and currency views are ignored when constructing the portfolio.
4 In this case, the variable-rate exposure is effectively hedged by the operational exposure.
5 Do you want to hedge a risk exposure you may be carrying on your product?
6 India-based MNCs can also hedge exposure both in India and through their parent counterpart abroad.
7 Even longer-term exposures are often hedged with more liquid short-term contracts with the aim of reducing hedging costs.
8 Forward currency contracts The Group uses forward currency contracts to hedge foreign exchange exposure on anticipated foreign currency receipts.
9 In terms of hedging portfolio exposure , I would say it is very difficult to make consistently correct market calls.
10 Investments are focused in developed markets, and where practicable, perceived foreign currency exposure is hedged back into the U.S. dollar.
11 The power market ticked up marginally today on the back of retail clients starting to hedge exposures out of April 09.
12 Where receivables in a particular currency are sufficiently large, an exporter could consider using a Currency Option to hedge an exposure .
13 Transactions occurring in the OTC derivatives markets can serve important economic purposes such as allowing market participants to hedge exposure and manage risk.
14 HAMBROS BANK has launched an interest-rate fixing product which is likely to intensify competition in the market for hedging exposure to the fluctuating cost of money.
15 This is not yet the case as the Sterling exchange rates can still fluctuate considerably against other E.R.M. currencies whilst it is in the wide band and exporters should cover or hedge currency exposures as heretofore.
16 Matching receivables and payables in the same currency or in closely related currencies is a very effective and less costly method of hedging exposures .
17 CASH FLOW HEDGES A cash flow hedge involves a derivative designated to hedge the Company's exposure to variable future cash flows attributable to a particular risk.
18 FAIR VALUE HEDGES A fair value hedge involves a derivative designated to hedge the Company's exposure to future changes in the fair value of an asset or a liability, or an identified portion thereof that is attributable to a particular risk.
19 The Company's foreign exchange risk is managed primarily by entering into agreements to buy and sell currencies on a spot basis or by hedging this market exposure to the extent it is economically justified through various means, including the use of derivative financial instruments such as foreign exchange forward and cross-currency swap contracts, which can help "lock in" the value of the Company's exposure to specific currencies.
20 into account unrealized gains (other than a fee or allocation the calculation of which may take into account unrealized gains solely for the purpose of reducing such fee or allocation to reflect net unrealized losses); b. that may borrow an amount in excess of one-half of its NAV (including any committed capital) or may have gross notional exposure in excess of twice its NAV (including any committed capital); or c. that may sell securities or other assets short or enter into similar transactions (other than for the purpose of hedging currency exposure or managing duration).
21 An Adviser to a fund of funds that invests substantially all of its assets in private funds, aside from holdings in cash and cash equivalents and instruments for hedging currency exposure , need only to complete Section 1b for that fund of funds.
22 These fund of funds should be disregarded where questions request aggregate information regarding private funds advised. –– If an Adviser manages a private fund that invests in other private funds but also makes direct investments aside from cash and cash equivalents and instruments for hedging currency exposure , then the Adviser has the option of disregarding investments made in other private funds for the purposes of Form PF, but must do so consistently, i.e., for all relevant questions and calculations for Form PF.
23 Other considerations, such as suitability for risk management, will be discussed later. 4 Curve sensitivities and position hedging A common problem faced by portfolio managers and traders is to hedge the interest rate exposure of a portfolio of fixed income securities such as bonds, swaps, options, etc. The key issue is to quantify this exposure and offset it (if desired) by taking positions in liquid vanilla instruments.
24 Allowing investors to hedge currency exposures removes components (ii) and (iii), leaving investors to bear only the risk associated with the underlying securities. 127 Further, inefficiencies stemming from an inability to pursue currency hedging strategies in international portfolios, or higher costs of doing so, could cause investors to reduce their allocation to international investments.
25 Specifically, staff attempted to estimate the basis risk borne by an investor using an ETP to hedge EURUSD exposure . 125 While, on an annual basis, the average difference between ETP returns and EURUSD spot returns is small, the volatility of these differences from day-to-day is high, approximately 0.50% at a daily frequency.
26 Two, while the interest arbitrage between developed nations and India is high, the cost of hedging the rupee exposure may leave less returns on the table for FIIs.
27 However, when an intermediary is trading on its own account and not merely hedging financial exposures created in its market-maker role, potential conflicts of interest arise.
28 An alternative view is that this surge in CDS protection buyers was a "symptom" rather than a "cause" of Bear's collapse; i.e., investors saw that Bear was in trouble, and sought to hedge any naked exposure to the bank, or speculate on its collapse.
29 For instance an arbitrageur would first buy a convertible bond, then sell fixed income securities or interest rate futures (to hedge the interest rate exposure ) and buy some credit protection (to hedge the risk of credit deterioration).
30 More importantly, utilising the tools and analysis used to economically hedge such exposures and protect the organisation's financial assets is key.
31 The China rebar contract is used as a proxy for hedging all steel exposure in the mainland, and the SGX effort is aimed at rivaling that, the broker added.
32 Buyers of the puts may be taking an outright bearish stance on the stock, or hedging long exposure in the name with the options.
33 No harm in hedging some exposure for five years but not all of it.   read more...
34 funds considerations • Form PF does not provide a definition for fund of funds in its glossary, nor does it contain a section for Advisers to provide information specifically regarding the fund of funds that they manage.4 • Advisers that manage a private fund that invests in other private funds "fund of funds" need to provide only limited information regarding the fund of funds, provided that it invests substantially all of its assets in private funds of other Advisers, and otherwise, only holds cash and cash equivalents and/or instruments for hedging currency exposure .
35 The Group currently does not have a currency hedging policy [-] but will consider hedging significant currency exposure should the need arise."