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1 However , hedged funds tend to be more volatile.
2 Prime brokers provide services such as clearing trades and lending money to hedge funds .
3 The firm provides investment adviser registration services to hedge funds and other investment managers.
4 We estimate that advisers to hedge funds have almost $1.4 trillion under management.
5 A large number of the new registrants have been advisers to hedge funds .
6 In these uncertain and volatile markets hedge fund due diligence is more important than ever.
7 Movements in the Indicator reflect investor confidence in their allocations to hedge funds .
8 In 2009, a British court awarded $20 million to hedge funds suing Liberia.
9 The result from this second optimization was an allocation of 74% to hedge funds .
10 The U.S. regulations and restrictions that apply to hedge funds differ from its mutual funds.
11 Both private equity firms and hedge funds often specialize in specific types of investments and transactions.
12 There are now more hedge funds in the U.S. than there are Taco Bells.
13 They 'll also apply to hedge funds , private-equity funds, and other alternative investment funds.
14 In the first 4 months of 2009, the Commission filed 25 cases related to hedge funds .
15 A spilt would threaten the bets by banks and hedge funds that the bond insurers will fail.
16 OCC officials also told us that losses due to the extension of credit to hedge funds were rare.
17 More posts about this new act and what it will mean to hedge funds will be forthcoming.
18 Prime brokers do not charge a fee for the bundled package of services they provide to hedge funds .
19 US hedge funds aimed at US-based, taxable investors are generally structured as limited partnerships or limited liability companies.
20 Section 2a applies to Large Advisers to hedge funds and reports aggregated information across all hedge funds managed.
21 This means that the innate volatility, capacity for returns and risks vary widely from hedge fund to hedge fund .
22 Paradigm was founded in 1991 and has about $500 million of clients' money farmed out to hedge funds .
23 In fact, Delaware's business friendly environment is attractive to companies across the globe, not just hedge funds .
24 Among the factors likely contributing to this increase is the growth in venture capital funds and hedge funds during this period.
25 Some ETFs use derivatives and some lend portfolios to hedge funds ; as a result, they incur some counterparty risk.
26 In the mean time, be sure to see what hedge funds are investing in these days with our daily coverage.
27 Section 6(g) applies to hedge funds with assets under management (AUM) of $50 million or more.
28 Both the Spanish and Greek Prime Ministers have accused financial speculators and hedge funds of worsening the crisis by short selling euros.
29 US hedge funds that bought its debt for a song a few years ago are demanding that 100 cents on the dollar be repaid . They have run to the US courts to enforce their claim – to the dismay of Argentinians – and won.
30 As it follows, banks and hedge funds which held Greek Bonds whose value was significantly reduced due to the country's inability to repay its debt decided to sell the bonds at a higher price after being informed that a Buyback would take place.
31 In addition, Mr. Easterling is a Senior Fellow at the Alternative Investment Center at SMU's Cox School of Business in Dallas and previously served as a member of the adjunct faculty teaching the course on alternative investments and hedge funds for MBA students.
32 Bart Mallon, Esq. is a hedge fund attorney and works with a variety of managers to hedge funds , private equity funds and venture capital funds.
33 Not all income to hedge funds is long term capital gain – in fact, many hedge funds have no long-term capital gains at all because their programs focus on short term or intermediate term trades.
34 The advisers to hedge funds , private equity firms, single-family offices, and other private pools of capital will have to obey some basic ground rules in order to continue to play in our capital markets.
35 Over the past week I have talked with a number of different groups who are involved hedge fund compliance, hedge fund consulting, and hedge fund due diligence and I seem to get different answers.
36 The Pension Security Act of 2009 was part of a broader flurry of bills introduced this year which are designed to increase regulation of the investment management industry in general, and hedge funds specifically.
37 President Obama has called for advisers to hedge funds and other investment funds to register with the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act.
38 The Task Force will continue to work to support the implementation of these standards by its members and to deal with future regulatory issues that may arise in relation to hedge funds .
39 It is important that banks develop the systems capability to regularly gather and analyze data across diverse internal systems to manage their counterparty credit risk to hedge funds ." One regulatory official further noted the challenges faced by institutions in finding, developing and retaining individuals with the expertise required to analyze the adequacy of these increasingly complex models.
40 Some creditors also said that they may provide better credit terms to hedge funds that consolidate all trade executions and settlements at their firm than to hedge funds that use several prime brokers because they would know more about the fund's exposure.