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1 Property developers and hedge fund managers know very little of football.
2 A debate is raging over the taxation of private equity and hedge fund managers .
3 Comparisons such as these evoke images of greedy CEOs and hedge fund managers .
4 The firm provides regulatory and compliance support and other legal services to hedge fund managers .
5 There are a couple of issues that the SMA platform presents to hedge fund managers .
6 You hear griping about the deficits from European finance ministers, economists, bankers and hedge fund managers .
7 Do accountants, lawyers, stockbrokers, and hedge fund managers lie about their job titles when meeting strangers?
8 Maital S. Rasmussen who works with small and start up hedge fund managers on their marketing materials and presentations.
9 We know what hedge fund managers can and cannot do?and what they should be doing.
10 The article below details the strategies which hedge fund managers should consider when creating a marketing strategy for their fund.
11 New York City and the Gold Coast area of Connecticut are the leading locations for US hedge fund managers .
12 Our conclusion is that private equity and hedge fund managers do outperform other workers on a risk-adjusted, after-tax basis.
13 It's hard to imagine any other answer besides private equity and hedge fund managers are big contributors to political campaigns.
14 One of the biggest hurdles that start up hedge fund managers face is the issue of having a marketable track record.
15 As history shows, investors have all often entrusted their money to hedge fund managers who are irresponsible or even criminal.
16 Another topic addressed by the panel that is of interest to hedge fund managers is due diligence in the post-Madoff envornment.
17 In addition more complex and diffuse forms of accountability hedge public managers in ways which have no parallel in the private sector.
18 However, hedge fund managers may want to review their investment advisory compliance manual to make sure they have discussed this issue.
19 The report below, reprinted in its entirety, provides a comprehensive review of the major issues which hedge fund managers should be aware of when they are establishing their business.
20 Bart Mallon, Esq. is a hedge fund attorney and providers legal services to hedge fund managers through Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP.
21 And now in a disturbing turn of events, an explosive government document has emerged that suggests that the Obama Administration appears determined to liquidate most or all of their investments, as Congress stands by with proposals that would only codify the Administration's plan–committing what an 'odd fellows' coalition of über-liberals, shareholder activists and hedge fund managers say could be the largest securities fraud in the history of the United States.
22 In light of the recent focus on insider trading, we are publishing the SEC's discussion on Insider Trading which can also be found here . The information below contains a broad overview of some of the important aspects which hedge fund managers should understand about the insider trading prohibitions.
23 I have also posted all of the rules here: Regulation D Rules . Most important to hedge fund managers will be Rule 502 which requires that the manager not engage in any public solicitation and Rule 506.
24 Even hedge fund managers who will not be focusing on raising money from institutional investors will need to have performance results in order to market the hedge fund.
25 In addition to hedge fund managers , retail foreign exchange ("Forex") managers may very soon be required to register because of the recently passed "Farm Bill." The retail Forex markets have been very loosely regulated and the CFTC and NFA have been clamoring for authority to regulate this are of the markets.
26 Start up hedge fund managers always have the difficult task of thinking up a new, good names for their management company and hedge fund (see Naming Your Hedge Fund ).
27 Justin Marking, who runs Prime Purchase, a buying agency, says the vast majority of his clients are from the financial sector, specifically hedge fund managers and private equity players.
28 They support increasing taxes on millionaire incomes, letting high-end tax cuts expire, and closing the carried interest loophole that gives big tax breaks to hedge fund managers .
29 Even so, hedge fund managers may want to start thinking about how they are going to register as investment advisors and what plans they will need to be putting in place (or plan to put in place in the future).
30 Qualified Clients and Performance Fees SEC registered (and many state registered hedge fund managers) hedge fund managers can charge a performance fee (also referred to as an incentive allocation or performance allocation) only to qualified clients.
31 The purpose of this web page is to highlight key U.S. hedge fund development and planning issues of interest to hedge fund managers worldwide.
32 We assume that over time compensation of private equity and hedge fund managers should approach equilibrium on a risk-adjusted basis with other comparable compensation opportunities.
33 We provide an analytical model that allows us to compare the relative risk-reward benefit enjoyed by private equity and hedge fund managers and other managerial types such as corporate executives and entrepreneurs.
34 That is why the tag 'masters of the universe' given to hedge fund managers and their kind prior to the global financial crisis was as preposterous as it was pretentious, not to mention portentous.
35 Ask yourself: Since when did billionaires, financial giants, or hedge fund managers on Wall Street begin to care about the education of poor black and brown children in America?
36 Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP is a hedge fund law firm which provides investment adviser registration and compliance services to hedge fund managers and other members of the investment management community such as family offices.
37 While many of the posts on this blog deal with start-up and regulatory issues that hedge fund managers face, we also are aware that there are many ongoing legal issues which affect the business of the fund.
38 Managers (especially forex hedge fund managers ) are especially encouraged to talk with their attorney about potential registration requirements under their state commodity codes – I will be posting more on this issue tomorrow.
39 The change in the laws will likely affect more VC and PE managers than hedge fund managers because of the nature of the underlying gains in the respective investment vehicles (VC and PE fund managers typically have mostly long term capital gains and hedge fund managers may have a combination of long term and short term capital gains).
40 In addition to hedge fund managers , managers to other pooled investment vehicles will be greatly affected (such as VC and private equity fund managers, as well as real estate fund managers).