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1 This is a list of hedging strategies , grouped by category.
2 To protect against risk, they use hedging strategies and financial instruments.
3 Hedged strategies to take advantage of distorted volatility market constructs are also demonstrated.
4 Comment on Bechtel's hedging strategy .
5 Also the availability of hedging strategies can act to increase effective liquidity where those strategies exist.
6 It's a hedging strategy .
7 Hedge fund: A fund which may engage in hedged transactions or hedged investment strategies .
8 Sometimes hedge fund strategies are described as absolute return and are classified as either market neutral or directional.
9 These features are interrelated and are directly related to the amount of capital dedicated to hedge fund strategies .
10 A negative (or positive) relationship between volatility and maturity has implications for margin setting and hedging strategy .
11 Our focus here in Part 2 of this report is to cover the most common vehicles used in hedging strategies .
12 In the forex hedging strategy a trader will have both a long and a short position in a single currency pair.
13 It sets out the developments in Washington this year that have led to the US embarking on what looks in Beijing like the early stages of a containment policy, the increasingly ideological quality of the divisions between the two sides, and the hedging strategy with which China has responded.
14 Hedging A transaction strategy used by dealers and traders in foreign exchange, commodities and securities, as well as farmers, manufactures, and other producers, to protect against severe fluctuations in exchange rates and market prices.
15 The hedging strategy and budget will be reviewed and updated by mutual agreement of the Parties at least sixty (60) days prior to the expected Start-Up Date for the Ethanol Facility, and thereafter on an annual basis at the times specified therein.
16 As General Chilton, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, has said: "Without New START, we would rapidly lose insight into Russian strategic nuclear force developments and activities, and our force modernization planning and hedging strategy would be more complex and more costly.
17 China's neighbors are simply executing hedging strategies whereby their security under the American umbrella and the latter's substantial forward deployments in the Western Pacific has reassured them to enhance their economic linkages with China.
18 This is one of the more plausible explanations for why, in an economy clearly in decline, with recovery highly uncertain and non-robust, with differing opinions and outlook for financial markets, arbitrageurs are optimistic about their profit generation potential across almost all, if not all, hedge fund strategies .
19 testified that the current pace of Ground-based Midcourse Defense system testing of one flight test per year is the best that we've been able to achieve over a decade. (9)The Director of the Missile Defense Agency testified before the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate on April 25, 2012, that flight testing the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system more often than once per year could cause greater risk of further failure and setbacks to developing our homeland defense capability as rapidly as possible. (10)As part of its homeland defense hedging strategy , the Department of Defense has already decided upon or implemented a number of actions to improve the missile defense posture of the United States in case the threat of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from North Korea or Iran emerges sooner or in greater numbers than anticipated.
20 Allowing investors to hedge currency exposures removes components (ii) and (iii), leaving investors to bear only the risk associated with the underlying securities. 127 Further, inefficiencies stemming from an inability to pursue currency hedging strategies in international portfolios, or higher costs of doing so, could cause investors to reduce their allocation to international investments.
21 As publicly traded securities, their shares can be purchased on margin and sold short, enabling the use of hedging strategies , and traded using stop orders and limit orders, which allow investors to specify the price points at which they are willing to trade.
22 That leaves accepting higher prices by abandoning a hedging strategy altogether – not a good thing for the bottom line – or automating the process.
23 The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission will decide today whether to carry on with an investigation of the hedging strategies of Avista , Puget Sound Energy, Cascade Natural Gas and Northwest Natural Gas.
24 He then moved to Chicago to pursue a career on the Trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he specialized in the design and execution of Futures and Options hedging strategies as well as Fixed Income securities portfolios for both Institutional and individual clients.
25 (a) Hedging Strategy and Budget . CARGILL DIRECT, together with the Client, has developed a customized corn procurement and hedging strategy and budget for the Client which includes risk management tools such as futures transactions, swaps, futures options, futures and futures option derivatives, also known as over-the-counter transactions (" OTC Transactions" ) and/or combinations thereof (" Risk Management Transactions" ), and which covers an annual operational period as specified therein.
26 In the second part of this seminar on volatility, Larry teaches practical application of different strategies utilizing $VIX derivatives including hedged strategies ($VIX/SPY), portfolio protection, spreads (calendar, ratio), and much more.
27 The Skybolt crisis with Kennedy came on top of Eisenhower's wrecking of Macmillan's policy of détente with the Soviet Union at the May 1960 Paris summit , and the prime minister's resulting disenchantment with the special relationship contributed to his decision to seek an alternative in British membership of the European Economic Community (EEC). [ 53 ] According to a recent analyst: 'What the prime minister in effect adopted was a hedging strategy in which ties with Washington would be maintained while at the same time a new power base in Europe was sought.' [ 54 ] Even so, Kennedy assured Macmillan 'that relations between the United States and the UK would be strengthened not weakened, if the UK moved towards membership.' [ 55 ]
28 These conditions include a requirement that the short position be closed out within 30 days of the end of the year and that the investor must hold their long position, without entering into any hedging strategies , for a minimum of 60 days after the short position has been closed. [ 28 ]
29 " But Spokane-based Avista Utilities disputes the AG's analysis and defends its hedging strategy as sound, even as wholesale prices have fallen substantially in the past five years.
30 The spread , for 28 cents, was possibly initiated as a type of hedging strategy against a stock portfolio on worries market volatility might continue to climb in the weeks/months ahead.