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1 The accounting results are easily interpreted and understood.
2 This result was interpreted as having some favourable aspects.
3 Do not interpret results after 1 5 minutes.
4 Some experts expressed caution in interpreting the study results .
5 How did the researchers interpret the results ?
6 Preparing the sample and interpreting the results requires skill.
7 These quantities provide useful insight into how to interpret test results .
8 Conduct and interpret the results of statistical tests.
9 Knowing the assessors may help the decision maker interpret the results .
10 A licensed attorney may be required to interpret the search results .
11 Next one has to interpret the result .
12 This test is really a method of interpreting genotypic test results .
13 So, how we interpret this result ?
14 What techniques will be used to help interpret the results ?
15 Do any of the calculators offer guidelines for interpreting results ?
16 One can then interpret the result by reading backwards.
17 The source may incorrectly use a method or interpret a result .
18 This should be kept in mind in interpreting the results .
19 A hospital or reference laboratory may be consulted to help interpret results .
20 Interpret , diagnostic test results for deviations from normal.
21 Collect, compile, and analyze the data and interpret results .
22 How well will consumers be able to interpret the results ?
23 Key Element C: Candidates interpret results of program evaluation.
24 To interpret the results a content analysis was conducted by Rhee.
25 Interpreting the results to help make a more informed decision.
26 The results were interpreted according to CLSI guidelines (7).
27 This is a crucial concept to correctly interpret experimental results in gerontology.
28 The final step of an emergy evaluation involves interpreting the quantitative results .
29 Make sure you interpret results critically.
30 Once people have voted, how should we interpret the results ?
31 However, a degree of caution is required in interpreting the results .
32 Performance Element: Interpret assessment results to determine needs of learners.
33 Interpret the results as showing that free will does not exist.
34 The consulting services include developing queries, interpreting database interrogation results and reporting results.
35 How should these results be interpreted ?
36 However, there is evidence that money influences how test results are interpreted .
37 These two results were interpreted as making the experiment a "success".
38 Interpreting Y-DNA test results also presents some challenges.
39 Cautious results But interpreting the results takes caution, Colwell said.
40 We cannot be sure of how to interpret the results .