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1 Financial services are regarded essential for enterprise development.
2 But a formal agreement does not appear to have been regarded as essential .
3 Teas are not compulsory , but are regarded as essential to any real garden opening.
4 The possession of the latter was regarded as essential to the right use of the former.
5 These feelings arise when we perceive that we have been deprived of conditions we regard as essential .
6 It is regarded as essential that the client is expressly reminded of his freedom of choice of solicitor.
7 We see that it does not do to omit or neglect the things that we regard essential .
8 The successful transition from Primary to Secondary Education is regarded as essential to the continuing success of Heriot's.
9 Benny did his opening and closing monologues before a live audience, which he regarded as essential to timing of the material.
10 The move follows an unsuccessful bid by Mr Foster to get the board to reinstate the facility Teesdale farmers regard as essential .
11 There are few 'basic' books on the subject of trade or industry which the local historian will regard as essential to his personal library.
12 This announcement, which the Committee regarded as essential to the preservation of public confidence in the thoroughness of the Committee's investigations, proved to be invaluable.
13 One of the qualities Sir Adrian came to regard as essential as he gained experience of the family firm and aspired to become chairman of Cadbury Schweppes plc was integrity.
14 They have had a great impact on the island states they visited and helped MPs to gain what Mr McKinnon regards as essential for them - some knowledge of the Pacific Islands.
15 This extraordinary process of programmed cell death has long been regarded as essential to development, the process of growth from spherical egg to an entire human being.
16 A job function might be regarded as essential if performance of the function is the reason the position exists at all; or performance could only be re-distributed amongst a limited number of employees; or the position has to be filled by someone with particular expertise or ability to perform what is a highly specialised function.
17 Yet, as we have seen, there are some who consider such attainment unimportant -- "nonessential." The matter they themselves regard as essential , and secretly cherish, is so worthless that even if you put it out together with a million pieces of gold, you would find no takers.
18 De Gaulle had long believed that the PCF's tendency to align itself with Moscow invalidated it in crucial respects, and in November 1945 he had refused to give the PCF one of the three ministries that he regarded as essential to national security.
19 Thus the Social Charter addressed both the conditions necessary for the completion of the SEM, and attempts to create the social guarantees that the Commission regards as essential to maintain broad political support for these developments, i.e." social cohesion".
20 Even in the tropics, the British endeavored to introduce the institutions that they regarded as essential to prosperity: free trade, free (and indeed forced) migration, infrastructural investment, balanced budgets, sound money, the rule of law, and incorrupt administration.
21 From 2001 Blair also built up a relationship with Barak's successor, Ariel Sharon, and responded positively to Arafat, whom he had met thirteen times since becoming prime minister and regarded as essential to future negotiations.
22 Feminist communication theory also encompasses access to the public sphere, whose voices are heard in that sphere, and the ways in which the field of communication studies has limited what is regarded as essential to public discourse.
23 If now" independence" is regarded as essential to basic existents, it is clear that nothing that depends upon a relation to something external to itself qualifies as a basic existent in the true sense of the word.
24 The communities to which they belonged were traditional, conservative Christians who followed the teaching of the primitive Christian church in Jerusalem, integrating their understanding of Jesus with strict observance of Jewish customs and law, which they regarded as essential to salvation.
25 Japan's large military force was regarded as essential to the empire's defense and prosperity by obtaining natural resources that the Japanese islands lacked.
26 An insistence on international support and co-operation had been a central feature of missionary Calvinism from its inception, and during the early seventeenth century it was regarded as essential to the survival of the Reformed faith in the face of the threat from a resurgent counter-Reformation Catholicism.
27 Acquiring such feudal rights was regarded as essential to establish a family in the status and dignity of the late medieval gentry; but for a long period freehold manorial estates had been very rare in the market; and families of all kinds seized on the opportunity now offered to entrench their position in the social scale.
28 Diet and Brain Growth Let us now return to the five factors that I regard as essential for keeping our brains healthy and active throughout our life span.
29 Adding colour to an already resolved monochrome composition may add a little sensuality, but at the cost of purity and clarity, which personally I regard as more essential to the expression I seek.
30 Schools, and especially primary schools, have always been regarded as essential to a concept of a complete community, and many schools have taken their responsibilities and opportunities in this regard very seriously.
31 Margaret Evans (Mrs Neville-Rolfe) works voluntarily for the Mental Health Foundation in Wiltshire Community Care-work which she regards as essential following proposals to close mental hospitals.
32 The advantages of restricting the stories in length in this way are that it saves time, forces students to focus only on details which they regard as essential , and yields versions which are comparable in terms of length and economy to the Hemingway version.
33 Aside from Posix, MPE now supports all the main interoperability communications standards - OSI, TCP/IP, SNA etc - something HP regards as more essential to an 'open system' than applications portability.
34 Business Correspondent of The Scotsman , pointed out that Boston is a leading financial centre 'and a presence there is regarded as essential to long-term success.'