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1 Contact tracing is regarded as important to contain an outbreak.
2 What is it about games that he regards as so important ?
3 So a budgeting shortfall today was regarded as more important than an energy shortfall tomorrow.
4 This possibility is available because the fetus is regarded as less important than the mother.
5 Another factor that Sipols regards as important to his success is his Jesuit university background.
6 A consensus between powerful corporate interests is regarded as more important than the sovereignty of elected representatives.
7 The game's release has been regarded as important in the history of the console RPG.
8 In Japan's early Nara period, the honji were regarded as more important than the suijaku.
9 That process leans heavily on a teaching-focused approach , which is regarded as more important than the content.
10 The world has turned to places it regards as more important , and Afghanistan has been left to its civil war.
11 In his day and for some years into the 19th century, he was regarded as more important than Hume.
12 I have chosen this example to represent my music as it hopefully conveys an attitude which I regard as important within my work in quite an immediate manner.
13 When machines and computers, profit making and property rights are regarded as more important than people, then the giant trio of racial mania, materialism and militarism cannot be defeated...Of course, it is also our responsibility to be the compassionate Samaritan for all those who have fallen by the wayside.
14 To delegate tasks and, along with this, some of your power gives you more time to do other things which you regard as important .
15 I I'm grateful I I I'm winding up that we on this side we do believe that these additional six seats are very important because we believe that the European parliament elections are going to be very important and fighting them on these new boundaries with the minimum of delay in spite of the delay that had been caused by the government' incompetence, we regard as very important , we regard this debate tonight as very important to approve these orders because we cannot so far work out whether the government will be fighting the er the whole campaign on the basis of back to basics while the E P P will be doing it on the basis of some other manifesto, vorsprung durch technik or whatever it might be, and they'll be trying to merge those into two slogans of o of er vorsprung durch basics or or whatever it might be and this we do not know at all
16 The evidence provided by a best of seven series cannot be regarded as more important than that provided by 100 to 130 games, on the other hand.
17 Some variables which have been regarded as important in forming flashbulb memories are the emotionality (Bohannon, 1988; Christianson, 1989; Pillemer, 1984), consequentiality (Brown & Kulik, 1977; Christianson, 1989) and surprisingness (Brown & Kulik, 1977; Christianson, 1989) of the event and the amount it is rehearsed (Bohannon, 1988; Brown & Kulik, 1977).
18 Although the New Movement faded in its significance, because it ignored parts of the practical experience of educational management which practitioners themselves regarded as important , what was left was still a recognition that education management is a field of application which allows fruitful connections to be made between theory and practice.
19 Following Lancaster's theory of demand (1966), goods may possess attributes which donors regard as important for donees; e.g., food contains the characteristic nutrition.
20 Is not the problem with the TGWU the fact that the only objective that it regards as important in the House is to support the Labour party?
21 This is the province of legislative science, which Aristotle regards as more important than politics as exercised in everyday political activity such as the passing of decrees (see EN VI.8).
22 There was a securely bound "Visitors' Book" in which the visiting magistrates were obliged to record anything they regarded as important , whether positive or negative.
23 In some cases, the state assumed the expenses even of "sacra privata," if they were regarded as important to the maintenance of the Roman religious system as a whole; see "sacra gentilicia" following.
24 The last part of the chapter is about the duty to protect the environment, though the Pope also warns that nature should not be regarded as more important than man.
25 Brown's jovial bonhomie and refusal to admit defeat won him many fans in Australia and he was a magnificent ambassador for the game, a role which the MCC regarded quite as important as sporting success, and the scorer Bill Ferguson said it was the easiest, happiest tour he had been on for over 40 years.
26 In both states, they are typically regarded as less important than towns, and both seem to be in decline as institutions.
27 In addition, the identity of the individual artist in general was regarded as more important ; significant artists whose identity is unknown virtually cease from this period.
28 Moreover, written submissions do not afford the flexibility of oral presentations; they do not permit the recipient to mold his argument to the issues the decisionmaker appears to regard as important .
29 In practical terms this concern is relevant only where supervising and senior staff in the agency may learn about a pollution; by definition these are cases which the agency regards as important , in particular, those which may have implications for the agency's public reputation.
30 There may be some districts that have er areas of countryside which are outside the non- designated areas which they regard as particularly important as erm the gentleman from Selby has said, er and the we have suggested that er there might be a criteria in the policy that allows the quality of the countryside affected by development to be a consideration.
31 In the two schools in which I spent much of my working life (one as head, one as assistant teacher responsible for physical education) the broad aims were almost identical and may be summed up as follows: the creation of a living community of children in which the Arts, music, painting and poetry flourished; where social awareness came before selfish intolerance; where the written and spoken word was valued as a means to a more distant educational end rather than as an end in itself; where understanding of number was regarded as more important than the ability to manipulate figures.
32 The use of the test as a prelude to intervention will depend very much on the extent to which it is regarded as important to direct remediation at the specific linguistic functions which this test addresses.
33 Kandahar was regarded as important to the Mughal Empire because it was one of the gateways to India, and Mughal control over Kandahar helped to prevent foreign intrusions.
34 Saul of Tarsus, one of the Jews who persecuted the Christians, is converted by a vision to become a follower of Christ (an event which Luke regards as so important that he relates it three times).
35 The hands, which are too small for the size of the face - a common mistake in early art - are discretely folded over the genitalia - something that would have been difficult to maintain whilst wrapping a body in a shroud and something that would not have been regarded as important since there was no expectation that anyone would see the body naked again.
36 I think the important message of this study is to not just discard those areas that have not traditionally been regarded as important for conservation,says Dr. Luke Hunter, President of Panthera, the world's leading wild cat conservation organization.
37 The dynamics of competition are such that firms' capacities to invest in next-generation skills and capabilities can be regarded as more important than industry-level economics in determining the international division of labour for specific projects.
38 Some would say that there is nothing remarkable or wrong in working for some group and being paid to answer some question that the group regards as important .
39 The best way forward for the utilitarian would be to adopt a principle of 'weighting', whereby the happiness of actually existing individuals is regarded as more important than that of potentially existing individuals.
40 Decisions which he regards as important must be continually referred up the line to his superiors, for inter-departmental consultations etc.