regard + inferior

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1 They were therefore regarded as inferior to doctors who did not.
2 The film received mixed reviews upon release, and was regarded as inferior to the previous installments.
3 Society is harsh and regards as inferior those that are not like others, Middan said.
4 The second season was widely regarded as inferior to the first, but still received generally positive reception.
5 The average person is willing to live (mostly) peaceably with others they may regard as inferior .
6 For the main misconception that many people have is that orthodox women are regarded as inferior to men.
7 They have more dialogue than his earlier films and are often regarded as inferior to his earlier body of work.
8 A great deal of effort also needs to be devoted to enhancing the social standing of the cleaners because they can so easily be regarded as inferior by other staff irrespective of their skills.
9 You may rely on it, I threw no impediment in his way, for when he was gone, Colonel Colborne was my Brigadier, whom we all regarded inferior to no one but the Duke.
10 She was vexed that at the very time when he testified so much regard for her, he was furtively seeking means to put an affront upon her under her very eyes, and to quit her for a girl she regarded as greatly inferior to herself in beauty and attractions.
11 Since the time of the Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE), inhabitants of the Canton region had been regarded as inferior among the elite, Northern Chinese culture.
12 However, Martin also saw a sociopathic element in the incestuous relationship of the twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister, whose strong bonding inhibits their pairing with others whom they regard as inferior .
13 This inexpensive method of production does not involve distillation, and is regarded as inferior in the same way that cheaper "compound" gin is regarded as inferior to "distilled" gin.
14 However, in 1959, at the height of its industry dominance, Altec made the mistake of replacing the 604 with the 605A Duplex, a design widely regarded as inferior to its predecessor.
15 In his pragmatism Mendelssohn had to convince the Jewish population that they have to abandon the tradition of rabbinic jurisdiction, but in the same time they have no reason to feel inferior, because some Christians believe that the moral conditions of Jewish tradition has to be regarded as inferior to their theological concept of absolution.
16 Running a Panoz chassis, widely regarded as inferior to the Dallara which populated a greater portion of the field, Jones lacked pace and only managed to qualify on the final row.
17 Widely regarded as inferior to its Southern counterpart up until then, the Battle of Brandy Station, although tactically indecisive, is recognized as the point at which it was acknowledged to have comparable competence.
18 The Alpine race was usually regarded as inferior to both the Nordic and Mediterranean races, making up the traditional peasant class of Europe while Nordics occupied the aristocracy and led the world in technology, and Mediterraneans were regarded as more imaginative.
19 The Firefly's superior antitank capabilities notwithstanding, the tank was regarded as inferior to the regular Sherman's 75mm gun against soft targets such as enemy infantry, buildings and lightly armoured vehicles due to its lack of an effective HE round.
20 The Intel PXA270 CPU is a later variant, and some would regard as inferior because it cannot be overclocked so highly.
21 Various factors (most often cited are the death of Dickens in 1870 and thus the loss of his literary mentoring; Collins's increased dependence upon laudanum; and a penchant for using his fiction to rail against social injustices) appear to have led to a decline in the two decades following the success of his sensation novels of the 1860s. His novels and novellas of the 1870s and 1880s, while by no means devoid of merit or literary interest, are generally regarded as inferior to his previous productions and receive comparatively little critical attention today.
22 However, this mahogany was regarded as inferior to the Jamaican variety, and the trade remained sporadic until the 19th century.
23 As Adner writes, "As a device, the Kindle was regarded as inferior to Sony's Reader. . . . It was larger than the Reader, weighed more, and had an inferior screen.
24 You will be surprised to know that even among Brahmins there are untouchables and they are regarded inferior even to other non-Brahmins castes.
25 The students and others were highly critical of the Dip.AD for a number of reasons, not all of them compatible: that it did not impart a sound technical training and failed to produce good design practitioners; that it was becoming so academic in content that it was losing touch with the market-place; that its status was popularly regarded as inferior to that of courses in other subjects which led to the award of degrees; and that instead of a network of inter-related courses imparting a wide range of studies, it offered only a small number of ladder-like disciplines.
26 'American culture' is widely regarded as inferior to 'European culture', even as a threat.
27 Generally regarded as inferior to the national brands, CEO W. Galen Weston put renewed emphasis on the quality of store brands: