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1 You filled in the blanks regarding many of my questions.
2 The country's largest city, Toronto, officially regards as many as four business districts as being central.
3 Gwyn Jones regarded many of the traditions that grew up around Gunnhild in the Icelandic sources as fictional.
4 Regarding many of the poems in "Drum-Taps", little is known about when they were actually written.
5 KM: There is no doubt we have differences with Egypt regarding many of its political positions and decisions.
6 There were of number of questions asked by the audience regarding many of the new compliance requirements for registered managers.
7 B. There Are Material Facts in Dispute Regarding Many of the Mailings and Wire Transmissions at Issue.
8 These documents aside, however, questions remain regarding many of the circumstances of George W. Bush's National Guard service.
9 Many seemed to look upon her as a mother, and she seemed to regard many of them as diseased children rather than as criminals; this was the case, in particular, with those who were imprisoned for drunkenness.
10 In those days I think I must have regarded many of the people dotted about my landscape more as bushes than as the human beings I now see them to have been: some dull and uninteresting like laurel bushes; some like lavender sweetly scented; some thorny, to be avoided; and then rose bushes, gooseberry bushes, fuchsia bushes - but all just part of the scenery, and I withdrawn from them into my dreams.
11 Also, I want to concur with you on your viewpoints regarding many of the "structured" mainstream forms of martial arts.
12 They regarded many of the established customs of the English Church as monuments of idolatry, and they could not in conscience unite in her worship.
13 As the United States struggles for clarity and direction many Americans feel as though we are adrift in the vast ocean of confusion, regarding many of these long-standing problems.
14 of their lands, 108 THE PRESENT WORLD SITUATION who have exploited their mines, who have grown rich upon their labor, who have ruined them by strong drink, who have treated them with roughness and with scorn, and sometimes even with barbarity. . . . Such men are the foul scum upon the advancing wave of civilization, and they undo and un- teach by their lives what Christianity is teaching by its precepts." The vicious practices of not a few soldiers and sailors are also akin to what has been said regarding so many of the traders.
15 The magazine said Vartiainen's singing voice "saves the album", though it regarded many of the songs as "hypocritical" or even "tasteless" (such as "Nettiin").
16 Villaraigosa was featured in the editorial cover story of the June, 2009 "Los Angeles" Magazine, which took him to task for a lack of effectiveness regarding many of his stated policy priorities, and a focus on election to higher office, to the detriment of the needs of the City.
17 One major reason for the loss of information regarding many of his Khalifas was that it was lost during India's First War of Independence in 1857.
18 Israelis regard many of the Arab criticisms against the state of Israel as threats to the state's existence, and say that against the multitude and power of the Arab states, there is only one Jewish state, which, they feel, should behave vigilantly, and assert its power in both a defensive and preemptive manner as deemed necessary.
19 Both parties have expressed optimism about their gambits, with Prime Minister Qarase saying on Radio Sargam (affiliated to Fiji Village) on 5 October that the SDL expected to win an absolute majority in the 71-member House of Representatives, and regarded as many as 50 seats as a real possibility.
20 Berkoff has stated that he accepts roles in Hollywood only to subsidise his theatre work, and that he regards many of the films in which he has appeared as lacking artistic merit.
21 Apart from the key events listed here, information regarding many of the individual racing events held throughout the USA can be accessed via the United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF), the American member of the International Dragon Boat Federation IDBF.
22 I regard many of the peoples in India as being superior in many respects–intellectually, for example, and in other respects–to Europeans.
23 Most Rumpers still regarded many purged colleagues as "members of parliament" and remained hopeful that the excluded members would be readmitted.
24 Liberal Christianity, which enjoyed strong growth starting in the late 19th century, regarded many of the miracles of Jesus to be superstitious interpretations of what actually occurred or metaphors for his teachings.
25 He regarded many of these parties to be "national social democratic", and stressed their lack of liberalism as inconsistent with the Progress Party's platform.
26 This book however , is about precisely that, in that all fourteen of its learned contributors from at least seven different European countries express varying degrees of concern regarding many of the decisions made by the European Court of Justice.
27 With that said , regarding many of the comments here, we all need to take a step back and watch our words carefully with the emotions being unleashed.
28 In an article in "The Observer", that regarded many of the Government's claims for academies with scepticism, journalist Geraldine Bedell conceded that:
29 Likewise, two dissenters shared the majority's sentiments regarding many of the NCAA's rules, including those limiting the compensation of student-athletes: