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1 The moat is now regarded more as an ornamental feature than a defence.
2 We carried on to replace your website and also boost its visibility on the internet regarding more than a decade .
3 Congress, in turn, will make recommendations for further action regarding no more than one project concept for each corridor.
4 The Government's position is buttressed by the further fact that amounts paid for conversion privileges are usually attributable to equity transactions rather than to the cost of borrowing money. 15 The Accounting Principles Board, for instance, has noted that the issuer, "in planning its long-range financing, may view convertible debt as essentially a means of raising equity capital," 16 and that when investors assess the attractiveness of a convertible bond offering, "the conversion feature may be of primary importance, with the debt feature regarded more as a hedge than as the principal investment objective." 17 Indeed, a 1955 survey reported that a large majority of corporations issuing convertible bonds did so to raise additional equity capital rather than to improve the salability of their debentures. 18 Thus, denial of a deduction under these circumstances would be in line with the policy of the Internal Revenue Code disallowing deductions for amounts paid in capital transactions.
5 Regarding more than two mannitol functions in form results almost become to toxin, get tramadol prescription . Usually newer and newer potential approaches are being saddened to revolve enter the discovering patterns of serious third and muscle pharmacists.
6 The dense woods, the gathering darkness, the fatigue and disorder of his troops, he regarded no more than he did the enemy's overwhelming numbers.
7 In 1956, the French critic Bernard Gavoty published a monograph on Karajan that was much preoccupied with Karajan's temperament and musicianship at a time when he was being increasingly regarded more as an ambitious virtuoso superstar than as a totally dedicated musician.
8 However, the latter point fails to take account of the fact that rape is committed even if there is no ejaculation, and even if the woman is infertile, and it has been strongly argued that 'penetration involving the penis, vagina or anus is perceived differently and regarded more seriously than other forms of penetration'.
9 Though right-brain or non-verbal thinking is often regarded as more 'creative', there is no right or wrong here; it's merely two different ways of thinking.
10 But the sources I spoke with from two major card issuers said they have so far been notified by one of the credit card associations regarding more than one million of cards total from both issuers that were thought to have been compromised in the breach.
11 Humphrey Norton, arrested for returning after banishment, took Prence to task during his trial, calling him "a malicious man" and saying, "Thou art like a scolding woman, and thy clamorous tongue I regard no more than the dust under my feet.
12 In ancient Rome, marriage was often regarded more as a financial and political alliance than as a romantic association, especially in the upper classes (see marriage in ancient Rome).
13 The book "is now regarded more as fiction than fact", "an imaginative hoax, a fabrication mixed with just enough fact to give it credibility".
14 The group was now regarded more as a weird-looking heavy metal band because its look and music, and were growing closer to heavy metal's leather and chains image.
15 At a time when "cancer" was regarded more of as a "death sentence" than as a disease–few, if any public officials discussed its ramifications and almost none talked about breast cancer–Betty Ford shared her personal travails with the world.
16 A shift to release 1.0.2, regarded as more the real product, is expected at the end of the second quarter.
17 D'Abrera made very little money out of his motor racing photography, which he regarded more as an absorbing hobby than a business sideline.
18 In the past, the Housing Corporation has always regarded no more than 20 per cent of net income as an affordable rent, but in July 1989 the Chief Executive of the Housing Corporation, David Edmonds, suggested one-third of net income as an affordable rent.
19 In general, the agency is looking at recommendations from its Medical Review Board regarding more than a dozen different driver health concerns, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, seizure disorders, renal disease and musculoskeletal disease as well as sleep disorders.
20 I just think most don't give a shit, and if they do, MTGOW is regarded more like how George Carlin regarded anorexics: "I don't wanna eat!
21 Seferian said the city depends on observations from neighbors 'if they think there is additional activity regarding more than three dogs."
22 Perhaps responding to such concerns, George and Solomon have divided among indices of Disorganized/disoriented attachment (D) in the Strange Situation, treating some of the behaviours as a 'strategy of desperation' and others as evidence that the attachment system has been flooded (e.g. by fear, or anger). [ 48 ] Crittenden also argues that some behaviour classified as Disorganized/disoriented can be regarded as more 'emergency' versions of the avoidant and/or ambivalent/resistant strategies, and function to maintain the protective availability of the caregiver to some degree.