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1 Now let us hear what evils are regarded as necessary to all theatres.
2 Ex parte communications made in the ordinary course of business regarding necessary , routine scheduling matters are permissible.
3 The judges said keeping the information "could not be regarded as necessary in a democratic society".
4 He also felt that it had the power of awakening conscience, the organ that Gurdjieff regarded as necessary for salvation.
5 Further, there is extensive research on brain development indicating that children this age do not have fully developed brain function or reasoning capacity, i.e. specifically what we regard as necessary to be responsible for one's actions.
6 As far as the social element is concerned, a government should recognise the need to promote social cohesion by securing that all citizens have a standard of living that enables them to participate in the life of the community; governments must take care that reductions in the social element of citizenship which they may regard as necessary in the area of economic policy do not result in sections of the population being excluded from citizenship and membership of the national community.
7 Of course it matters if people are deliberately robbed of the means of judgment by suppression of facts which, in any other situation, would be regarded as necessary to make sense of what had taken place.
8 There are categories of cases where the duty to mitigate, in a situation of an anticipatory breach, should be regarded as necessary in order not to suffer a sanction of reduction in damages under Article 77.
9 Article IX (Measures not precluded) Paragraph 1 of Article IX reserves the right of a Party to take measures for the maintenance of public order and the fulfillment of its obligations with respect to international peace and security, as well as those measures it regards as necessary for the protection of its own essential security interests.
10 Radkey thus argued:Of ... fateful significance was the fact that while the democratic parties heaped opprobrium upon him Lenin for this act of despotism, their following showed little inclination to defend an institution which the Russian people had ceased to regard as necessary to the fulfilment of its cherished desires.
11 On average, each person in Gaza consumes 91 liters of water per day, which is lower than the 100 liter minimum the WHO regards as necessary to meet baseline health needs.
12 As regards the latter, a mechanism for the extension of a judge's tenure might be regarded as necessary to ensure that better judges are not replaced by less capable ones.
13 Twentieth-century philosopher John Hick presented an alternative theodicy which regards evil as necessary for the development of human beings; process theologians have argued that God is not omnipotent and so cannot be responsible for evil.
14 The several "positive" religions he regarded as necessary for the masses, poorer versions of the same truth, whose trappings were better removed.
15 The Home Secretary, in fixing the period which he regards as necessary to meet the requirements of retribution and deterrence, not infrequently exceeds the judicial view.
16 Environmental groups condemned the announcement as inadequate, pointing out that the UK target was lower than that of all other West European countries and fell short of the 60 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions which scientists regarded as necessary to stabilize greenhouse gases at current levels.
17 Nevertheless, my conclusion is that to allow a local government authority to sue for libel would impose an added and substantial restriction upon freedom of expression which, having regard to the ability of individuals within a local authority to sue for libel, and to the ability of a local government authority to sue for malicious falsehood, or to invoke the criminal law of libel, cannot be regarded as necessary in our democratic society.
18 In practice, it can be regarded as necessary to use the establishment methods of a log-normal distribution if the difference ratio becomes more than 0.1, meaning that a (lower or upper) limit estimated from an assumed arithmetically normal distribution would be more than 10% different from the corresponding limit as estimated from a (more accurate) log-normal distribution.
19 Today, permanent population control is regarded as necessary to reduce the impact of all wild dogs and to ensure the survival of the "pure" dingo in the wild.
20 Growth will be well below the 8–10% levels that are widely regarded as necessary to have a major impact on poverty and unemployment.
21 He thought that "Education is the tendency of one man to make another just like himself ... Education is culture under restraint, culture is free. is when the teaching is forced upon the pupil, and when then instruction is exclusive, that is when only those subjects are taught which the educator regards as necessary ".
22 and it has been regarded heretofore as necessary to pass a special act every time
23 It was not regarded possible to unify the rule on this point, nor was it regarded necessary to do so, since rules are provided by this Convention for several questions linked, at least in certain legal systems, to the passing of property." [31]
24 1869: The provisional government of Louis Riel issues a list of fourteen rights which it regards as necessary for the future permanent government of the region.