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1 The position as regards life insurance policy is different.
2 This is clearly the case as regards biblical texts.
3 There is great regional variation as regards this usage.
4 There are several explanations brought forth as regards its name.
5 As regards the name, there were several suggestions.
6 The fielding was also regarded as of low standard.
7 The evidence as regards the deposition of kings is equally limited.
8 I believe the kids as regards the food .
9 And Ireland are currently on starvation rations as regards happy accidents.
10 As regards an application for a provisional grant.
11 But there are exceptions as regard to delay.
12 This has obvious implications as regards loan collectability.
13 As regards leiomyoma, evidence supports genetic susceptibility.
14 As regards the age of acquisition, there are conflicting reports.
15 As regards the first, it seems unlikely.
16 This would be particularly relevant as regards its human rights aspects.
17 Having a child is an enriching thing as regards that.
18 Is there any doubt as regards this location?
19 His resurrection and ascension are regarded as beyond Christianity's demonstration.
20 As regards trade imbalance, only Istanbul ran an import surplus.
21 There is no criticism as regards its validity in law.
22 Different religions have different beliefs as regards the breakup of marriage.
23 Do you have a target as regards football ?
24 As regards southern provinces, they are Karzai's native turf.
25 We also gather information as regards customer traffic patterns and site usage.
26 But theoretical thinking is an innate quality only as regards natural capacity.
27 The primary source as regards antiquities has been, apparently, archaeologists.
28 Non salad munchers too have sufficient selections as regards low carbohydrate foods.
29 As regards TA , it is interested in the further breaking.
30 Significant challenges remain as regards the implementation of the Protocol.
31 These amendments will be regarded as agreed to unless objected to.
32 Do you know any vacancies as regards my profession?
33 Widely regarded as : A very stubborn person.
34 Widely regarded as : A truly nice guy.
35 But as regarded Isabel's father, no such reason existed.
36 As regards (1.1), the situation is more undecided.
37 As regards London - yes, I did miss the country.
38 As regards export credit, two types are available from most banks.
39 Specifically as regards Plunify , such support deals are in discussion.
40 As regards Christ's human nature it is not omniscient.