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1 So they will tread lightly regarding major moves .
2 Do not regard lightly the immaterial substance of the soul, beloved one.
3 Gamburyan and Hominick are the kinds of lightly regarded challengers that often prove dangerous .
4 How can the professed followers of Christ so lightly regard these inspired injunctions? . . .
5 Virginia Tech lost its season opener to lightly regarded East Carolina, while Clemson lost to Alabama.
6 For its opening game, Florida State faced the lightly regarded Samford Bulldogs and defeated them 59–6.
7 These solemn denunciations apply to all who by their influence lead men to regard lightly the law of God.
8 Seeded 17th entering the 2010 French Open, Schiavone was lightly regarded as a contender for the championship.
9 Archer was lightly regarded after he ran badly in his first two races at Randwick in late May 1860.
10 In Georgia Tech's first game, the Yellow Jackets defeated lightly regarded Jacksonville State, 37–17.
11 He was not impressive while winning a 12 -round decision over lightly regarded Denis Grachev in his comeback bout in November.
12 Despite this, the two were factional enemies, and Boyd assigned Breckinridge to the lightly regarded Committee on Foreign Affairs.
13 Though the training in moral discipline is listed first among the three groups of practices, it should not be regarded lightly .
14 But because of their lightly regarded conference schedule , there is a chance a lower team could leapfrog them in the poll.
15 Although a winner of two ungraded stakes, the La Puente at Santa Anita in April, 2012, and the Iâm A Banker at Belmont Park on Oct. 14, 2013, Blingo was lightly regarded going into the San Antonio and doubts remained as to whether or not he preferred turf or dirt.
16 of a different nature and will from all the demons on earth, and that they are known to those exceedingly few persons who have carefully and intelligently investigated these matters) will not endure a comparison to be made between them and Apollo or Zeus, or any being worshipped with odour and blood and sacrifices; some of them, so acting from their extreme simplicity, not being able to give a reason for their conduct, but sincerely observing the precepts which they have received; others, again, for reasons not to be lightly regarded , nay, even of a profound description, and (as a Greek would say) drawn from the inner nature of things; and amongst the latter of these God is a frequent subject of conversation, and those who are honoured by God, through His only-begotten Word, with participation in His divinity, and therefore also in His name.
17 Satan is making the world believe that the Bible is a mere fiction, or at least a book suited to the infancy of the race, but now to be lightly regarded , or cast aside as obsolete.
18 , G-3, and WPD to a morning conference and stated that he was "going to the White House the following Monday to discuss with the President a proposal to reduce the strength of the Army in order to make available more materiel for other purposes." 85 He referred to a widely circulated newspaper article of that day, which had suggested a reduction of the Army on the ground that the trend of war made American participation one "basically of Navy, Air and manufacturing," with early need for ground forces apparently lightly regarded . 86 The Chief of Staff apparently suspected that this was in line with one of Mr. Roosevelt's own mutually conflicting views, for notes of the conference mention his recognition of difficulty in reconciling a reduction of troops with other of the President's indicated desires for "the possible occupation of bases in the Atlantic, including Dakar, Cape Verde Islands, Azores, Natal, and possibly the establishment of base service units in the Middle East." Inconsistent or no, the President's views had to be respected, and General Marshall wanted from
19 Heb 12:5b-6 (quoting Prov 3:11-12) My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by him.
20 Doth it not affirm, that it shall be preached, and yet contemned and lightly regarded by many, that the true professors thereof shall be hated by father, mother, and others of the contrary religion, that the most faithful shall be persecuted?
21 If a patient dismisses his doctor, the criminal law would not lightly regard as manslaughter the act of a doctor who respected the wishes of a dying or aged patient.
22 The kings and rulers of earth have set themselves against God and have assumed the right to set aside His law, which says, 'Thou shalt not kill'; and as a matter of course, the other portions of that law are as lightly regarded by them.
23 He took a very hands-on role in helping Stephenson evolve from lightly regarded end-of-the-bench player into linchpin starter on a team that made consecutive Eastern Conference finals appearances, and Stephenson's vocal about his appreciation.
24 The close loss discouraged the Virginia Tech players, who then had only five days to prepare for their next opponent, lightly regarded James Madison University.
25 Rockwell's idyllic and nostalgic approach to regionalism made him a popular illustrator but a lightly regarded fine artist during his lifetime, a view still prevalent today.
26 Pregame media coverage of the contest focused on North Carolina's rejection by the Bowl Alliance, the Tar Heels' new coach, and questions about whether a lightly regarded and unranked Virginia Tech team could compete with a top-five North Carolina squad.
27 This was to change in his next fight however, as he took on Richard Williams in England for the lightly regarded IBO Light Middleweight title.
28 Tech lost, 24–13, but recovered to win its next game–against lightly regarded Western Michigan–in blowout fashion, 63–0.
29 At the time of its foundation, Art Education had received but inadequate recognition, and there was a certain tendency in those who concerned themselves with popular education to over-value physical science, and to lightly regard those studies, whether in Literature or Art - which concerned themselves with the Beautiful rather than the Useful: Miss Fox (who was herself an Artist of no mean order, as well as an eager student of science) had wider sympathies, and successfully guided the Institution which she had founded into that career, artistic as well as scientific, which it has ever since pursued.
30 Once the playoffs began, the lightly regarded Cardinals surprised baseball fans everywhere by beating the San Diego Padres in the four-game Division Series, beating the New York Mets in the seven-game NLCS, and beating the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series four games to one, winning the tenth, and probably most unlikely, World Series championship in franchise history.
31 Though not as intriguing a story as Warner's emergence in 1999 (the season in which Trent Green was injured and Warner became the star quarterback) Bulger's emergence was a highlight of the Rams' 2002 NFL season, demonstrating Martz's knack of developing lightly regarded or overlooked individuals into top-quality, productive quarterbacks.
32 In 1998 Bugner's long-term tenacity finally gave him a world crown, albeit a lightly regarded title - the WBF version of the heavyweight crown - by defeating former WBA World Heavyweight Champion James "Bonecrusher" Smith.
33 He made a final comeback during the 1990s, winning the Australian heavyweight title in 1995 and the lightly regarded WBF heavyweight championship in 1998 at the age of 48.
34 He lost the title in his first defense, dropping a twelve-round unanimous decision to the lightly regarded Rene Jacquot on February 11, 1989 in France.
35 In 2000, Lewis was stripped of the WBA belt for failing to meet lightly regarded Don King fighter John Ruiz, having fought Ruiz's conqueror David Tua, and the WBA ordered Holyfield and Ruiz to meet for that organization's world title belt.
36 Louis' string of lightly regarded competition ended with his bout against Billy Conn, the Light Heavyweight Champion and a highly regarded contender.
37 On June 22, 1979, Holmes faced future WBA Heavyweight Champion Mike Weaver, who was lightly regarded going into the fight sporting an uninspiring 19-8 record.
38 In October 1996, the 40-year-old Leonard announced that he was coming out of retirement to fight 34-year-old Héctor Camacho for the lightly regarded IBC Middleweight Championship.
39 Yet the Bolton fighter - whose last bout was in April 2013, when he struggled badly against the lightly regarded Julio Diaz - showed his class in Las Vegas by knocking down the rugged southpaw three times en route to a unanimous decision victory.
40 Of course, cricket is not war but mental health is a challenging enough issue at every level and not to be regarded lightly .