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1 The album is popularly regarded as The Smiths' best album.
2 The kangaroo is now popularly regarded as Australia's unofficial animal emblem.
3 They have come to be popularly regarded as demons of fearsome appearance who harm and even devour humans.
4 In any poll taken of Republican voters, he's popularly regarded as the greatest U.S. president alongside Lincoln.
5 Lord Vishnu, major god of Hinduism and Indian mythology, popularly regarded as the preserver of the universe.
6 NASA and the telescope became the butt of many jokes, and the project was popularly regarded as a white elephant.
7 But neither of these maestros of what is popularly regarded as an urban offshoot of Cuban big band music hails from Cuba.
8 Since his death, the Chinese monk Budai (Hotei) has been popularly regarded as an incarnation of the bodhisattva Maitreya.
9 The news of the peace settlement followed so closely on Jackson's triumph in New Orleans that the war as a whole was popularly regarded in the United States as a great victory.
10 It is also Called "the capital city", popularly regarded as the 'Gateway to the South' represents a culture that is distinctly different from that of northern India.
11 It was also true that the nation, where masculine comradeship was commonplace, had few traditions of friendship between women; a woman who was capable of liking other women was popularly regarded as slightly peculiar.
12 Between the two World Wars, Brazil was a rapidly industrializing nation popularly regarded as "the sleeping giant of the Americas" and a potential world power.
13 Natural fissures were popularly regarded as entrances to the subterranean house of Hades and his predecessors, home of the dead.* K. Algra, "The Beginnings of Cosmology", 45 Influences from other cultures always afforded new themes.
14 Cohen and Hale, popularly regarded as the club's founders, rounded up eight of their fellow students from the university's Litchfield Towers dormitory to initiate the club first appearance at the January 13, 2001 victory over then 15th-ranked Seton Hall.
15 After Bueno's death, Olmos was popularly regarded as his musical heir, but he only enjoyed brief success before his death while playing Russian roulette in 2002.
16 Among critics, David Fisher has been cited as the first realistic portrayal of a gay lead male character on television and is popularly regarded as one of the most beloved characters of the series.
17 The tenth Census resulted in the publication of twenty-two volumes, was popularly regarded as the best census of any up to that time, and definitively established Walker's reputation as the preeminent statistician in the nation.
18 He was popularly regarded as the hero of the reconquest of Buenos Aires after the first British invasion of the Río de la Plata, which led to his designation as viceroy, replacing Rafael de Sobremonte.
19 He is popularly regarded as the winner of the first official cycle race in the world in 1868 at St-Cloud, Paris, although this claim seems to be erroneous.
20 Popularly regarded as the archenemy of Wonder Woman, the Cheetah first appeared in 1943 in "Wonder Woman" #6 (volume 1), written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston.
21 The wartime state had many of the characteristics of the 'welfare state', which is popularly regarded as having been created after the war.
22 In any case, since the mid 1950's, the NCAA tournament has been popularly regarded by most individuals as the major post season tourney, with conference champions and the majority of the top-ranked teams participating in it.
23 The period from late 1980s to early 1990s is popularly regarded as the 'Golden Age of Malayalam Cinema' with the emergence of actors Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Murali, Thilakan and Nedumudi Venu and filmmakers such as I.V. Sasi, Bharathan, Padmarajan, K. G. George, Sathyan Anthikad, Priyadarshan, A. K. Lohithadas, Siddique-Lal, TK Rajeev Kumar and Sreenivasan.
24 Qu Yuan is popularly regarded as a minister in one of the Warring State governments, the southern state of Chu (present day Hunan and Hubei provinces), a champion of political loyalty and integrity, and eager to maintain the Chu state's autonomy and hegemony.
25 Moreover, it has been noted that objectively assessing Philip's reign would suppose to re-analyze the reign of his greatest opposers, namely England's Queen Elizabeth I and the Dutch William the Silent, who are popularly regarded as great heroes in their home nations; if Philip II is to be shown to the English or Dutch public in a more favourable light, Elizabeth and William would lose their cold-blooded, fanatical enemy, thus decreasing their own patriotic accomplishments.
26 The most famous version of the Declaration, a signed copy that is popularly regarded as the official document, is displayed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This engrossed copy was ordered by Congress on July 19, and signed primarily on August 2.
27 Kidneys were once popularly regarded as the seat of the conscience and reflection, and a number of verses in the Bible (e.g. Ps. 7:9, Rev. 2:23) state that God searches out and inspects the kidneys, or "reins", of humans, together with the heart.
28 After greater and continual Portuguese immigration, and Tupi influence, the status of French as a language of culture in the Western world for centuries and the presence of Swiss immigrants (sixth largest European group to Brazil) for a considerable span of time is popularly regarded to be the main source of difference between the group of dialects spoken in Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and surrounding regions, and those elsewhere in Brazil (it was also more indirectly influenced by French due to the larger Portuguese influence there and the stronger Francophile feel in the Portuguese culture–Portuguese and French influence are often confused).
29 This may very likely have been one of the cases where a decision on legal technicalities is popularly regarded as oppressive, yet the justice of the decision is clear even to the unprofessional mind.
30 The students and others were highly critical of the Dip.AD for a number of reasons, not all of them compatible: that it did not impart a sound technical training and failed to produce good design practitioners; that it was becoming so academic in content that it was losing touch with the market-place; that its status was popularly regarded as inferior to that of courses in other subjects which led to the award of degrees; and that instead of a network of inter-related courses imparting a wide range of studies, it offered only a small number of ladder-like disciplines.
31 Shem ( Hebrew : שֵם , Modern Shem Tiberian Šēm ; Greek : Σημ Sēm ; Arabic : سام Sām ; Ge'ez : ሴም, Sēm ; "renown; prosperity; name") was one of the sons of Noah in the Hebrew Bible as well as in Islamic literature . He is most popularly regarded as the eldest son, though some traditions regard him as the second son.
32 "It may not mean anything to you," James told the medics, "but I am what is popularly regarded as the greatest couturier in the Western world."
33 Mao's military writings continue to have a large amount of influence both among those who seek to create an insurgency and those who seek to crush one, especially in manners of guerilla warfare, at which Mao is popularly regarded as a genius. [ citation needed ] As an example, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) followed Mao's examples of guerilla warfare to considerable political and military success even in the 21st century. [ citation needed ] Mao's major contribution to the military science is his theory of People's War , with not only guerrilla warfare but more importantly, Mobile Warfare methodologies.
34 57: "In Egypt the Greek dynasty of the Ptolemies was the successor to the native Pharaohs, exploiting through a highly organized bureaucracy the great natural resources of the Nile Valley". * The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt . Cleopatra VII was born to Ptolemy XII Auletes (80–57 BC, ruled 55–51 BC) and Cleopatra, both parents being Macedonian Greeks." * Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt by Kathryn Bard, page 488 "Ptolemaic kings were still crowned at Memphis and the city was popularly regarded as the Egyptian rival to Alexandria, founded by the Macedonian Greeks"; Page 687: "During the Ptolemaic period, when Egypt was governed by rulers of Greek descent..." *Cleopatra: A Sourcebook (Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture) by Prudence J. Jones (Author) page14: "They were members of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Macedonian Greeks, who ruled Egypt after the death of its conqueror, Alexander the Great." * Women in Hellenistic Egypt by Sarah B. Pomeroy, page 16 "while Ptolemaic Egypt was a
35 "Under Colonel Patch's baton, the Band excelled at light music in particular, and his authoritative knowledge of the music and life of the Strauss family was popularly regarded ".
36 "Hobbyist shareware" is the last thing anyone, Daniel included, would call BSD Unix (or even FreeBSD) – popularly regarded amongst the Unix faithful as having the best TCP/IP stack implementation of any operating system in the computing world.
37 , John ( d. ante Feb. 1315), popularly regarded as a saint, should not be assumed to have come from the village in Kent of that name.