rightly + regard

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1 In extreme cases it would be rightly regarded as ruthless.
2 The independence of the judiciary is rightly regarded as a cornerstone of our liberties.
3 Tyne The Tyne is rightly regarded as the best salmon river in England and Wales.
4 CHUCKIE EGG 2 The original Chuckie Egg is rightly regarded as a classic of 8 -bit computing.
5 Lavenders are rightly regarded as excellent plants for bees and butterflies, but are they all the same?
6 They will work for the highest bidder regardless of the cause and are rightly regarded as destabilizing agents.
7 It's not just the formula "Jewish and democratic" that is rightly regarded as an oxymoron.
8 Profit share deals just for directors are rightly regarded by most staff as elitist, exclusive, and divisive.
9 The mere horror of what occurred was rightly regarded as likely to carry conviction of its wickedness to all decent-minded men.
10 An individual is rightly regarded as deserving only on the basis of some personal characteristic such as her traits or doings.
11 Red Bull Antonio Felix da Costa The 21 -year-old is rightly regarded as one of the hottest young properties in motorsport.
12 In the first part of his career he was regarded rightly as one of the great scientific figures of the age.
13 Even if the movement of the ripples is not intended by the stonethrower, yet he is rightly regarded as its agent.
14 In Tomarata , which is rightly regarded as one of his greatest poems, Smithyman counterposes nature-as-sensibility to contemporary New Zealand society.
15 If, however, we understand "evangelization" as kerygma or primary proclamation of the Gospel to non- believers which stirs up faith and if catechesis is understood in its specific sense as a maturing of faith and incorporation into the Christian community, then evangelization is rightly regarded as the founding principal and general presupposition of catechesis.
16 THE Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival, now in it's sixth year, is rightly regarded as a jewel in Birmingham's civic crown.
17 The unanimous consent and judgment of men, which is the trusty voice of nature, recognizes this natural liberty in those only who are endowed with intelligence or reason; and it is by his use of this that man is rightly regarded as responsible for his actions.
18 Margaret took great pains to hasten the conclusion of the marriage between Francis I. and Eleonore of Austria, widow of the King of Portugal, rightly regarding that alliance as the surest means of prompt deliverance.
19 Where debate does focus on our musical journey it has tended to begin with the traditional music which is identified so strongly with our culture and tradition; and to travel straight to the success of some Irish musical landmarks of recent decades, such as U2 and Riverdance, which are rightly regarded as having etched a new found confidence in ourselves as Europeans producing musical and cultural experiences.
20 Judging by the tenor of his latest contribution, it hasn't been easy for Professor Schlechtriem to abandon his original position, i.e., that the "matter" of attorneys' fees is rightly regarded as a matter " governed, but not settled " by the Convention, and it may be that he (if he "had his druthers") would (still) prefer to use the CISG to the "settle" that matter.
21 It is rightly regarded as a monolithic party that in the past has been totally unwilling to accept political differences within its own ranks.
22 Al-Farabi is rightly regarded as the father and founder of Islamic Neoplatonism, while Ibn Sina, though less original, is often considered to be Islam's greatest Neoplatonic philosopher.
23 An object can be perceived by a subject from a variety of perspectives; for example, one might rightly regard another human individual as a rights-bearer, a judge, a superlative singer, a trustworthy person, or a threat to one's security.
24 Regulation of the police station stage of the criminal process by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and the PACE Codes of Practice is rightly regarded as a major achievement, admired around the world by those who value justice and fairness, writes Ed Cape.
25 How can the Minister justify the attempt to sell off into the private sector, just a matter of weeks before a general election, what most Londoners rightly regard as the proper seat of London's government?
26 Given a population of individuals each with a particular genetic makeup that fixes for that individual a profile of native talent, the question for the equal opportunity theorist is what must be done to or for such individuals if they are to be rightly regarded as enjoying equal opportunity.
27 While it is common to designate Abd al-Haqq or Abu Yahya as the founders of the Marinid dynasty, there is little doubt that Abu Yusuf Yaqub ought to be rightly regarded as the founder of the Marinid state.
28 Francis Mary Libermann was made first superior general of the united societies, and the whole body became so impregnated with his spirit and that of his first followers that he is rightly regarded as the renewer of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, then called also "...under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" after Libermann and his followers joined the Congregation.
29 He also called on the President to express his opinions and help shape public opinion, praising the President at length-" rightly regarded throughout the world as the paladin of the forces of liberal democracy"-without once mentioning Secretary of State Hull.
30 After the dissipation of the first coalition against him by the Treaty of Travendal on 18 August 1700 and the victory at the Battle of Narva on 20 November 1700 the Swedish Chancellor, Bengt Oxenstierna, rightly regarded the universal bidding for the favour of Sweden by France and the maritime powers, then on the eve of the War of the Spanish Succession, as a golden opportunity for "ending this present lean war and making His Majesty the arbiter of Europe".
31 But surely, by the common consent of civilized men, prudence, temperance, cleanliness, industry, self-respect and, in general, the personal virtues," are regarded, and rightly regarded , as fitting objects of moral approbation.
32 The fight only lasted eight minutes but it is rightly regarded as a classic and is considered to this day to be Hagler's greatest achievement.
33 As in the past, the information for guidance will be conveyed mainly by the head teacher's report, which governors would come to regard rightly as a source of sound professional advice, subjects for discussion and a welcome touch of humour ('Mr C scored three goals for the staff against the pupils and also acted as referee').
34 This is rightly regarded as one of the finest NES titles ever made, and now is the perfect opportunity to rediscover its charms.
35 Dozens of scientists and ... Scientists have finally locked onto Higgs Boson, the 'God Particle', a discovery that crowns the global scientific community's most challenging and comprehensive quest for the subatomic particle rightly regarded as "the key to the cosmic riddle".
36 It is also often regarded rightly or wrongly as, "empty trading that is taking real money from real investors like pension funds," he added.
37 It deals specifically with the use of the word " cure" in the management of cancer by physicians working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts ( rightly regarded as one of the pre-eminent cancer centers in the USA).
38 He is notorious largely on accounts of actions which , if they were repeated today, would be rightly regarded as crimes against humanity: He ordered a crusade against Moorish Spain, which was then most of the Iberian Peninsula other than a couple of Christian kingdoms in the far north, and the subsequent massacre of the Muslim and Jewish inhabitants.
39 The technology used in our imprinted USB flash memory drives imprinting is widely and rightly regarded as the most technologically advanced in the industry and one look at our high quality merchandise will tell you why.
40 As for making up and imposition, the tasks most often cited as barred to women, they could certainly not be carried out by anyone who had not received a proper training, and were rightly regarded as skilled work.