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1 Develop a training program specifically regarding interconnected crossings.
2 Link to a 2008 survey report, specifically regarding the stern torpedo damage to PoW.
3 A single nation can take the lead in establishing communication-based relationships specifically regarding the internet.
4 Specifically regarding Dr. Lundell's article, it hits the nail on the head.
5 As specifically regards the choke, this technique prevents the lead shot from straining due to clustering.
6 Vada pav and Pav bhaji may be regarded specifically as dishes that originated in Mumbai.
7 Thus, most states have consumer protection laws specifically regarding how surplus lines insurance carriers can do business.
8 One last word about svn 's authentication behavior, specifically regarding the --username and --password options.
9 Parallel to the expansion of neurolaw, an emergence of ethics specifically regarding neuroscience was developing as well.
10 Unfortunately , some other economic data was released -- specifically regarding manufacturing -- that has sent the stock market tumbling.
11 The benefits argue for this focus becoming a legitimate area of study, specifically regarding links in cognition and motivational responses.
12 Now I certainly dont believe that a dearth of discussions specifically regarding the conditional indicates that Peirce had lost interest in it.
13 Upon issuing the interim final rule, the Departments requested comments, specifically regarding the definition of religious employer in the regulation.
14 Nonetheless, the Berbers borrowed many of the city's cultural advances, specifically regarding government and commerce, agriculture and war.
15 Accounts vary as to what happened next, specifically regarding the order in which the two men killed Schultz and his crew.
16 Now specifically regarding what God said to Cain in Genesis 4:7, my understanding is that first of all God reproved Cains negative response of unbelief.
17 We're also pleased to be able to speak here today and thank the FDA for the opportunity to give input on the implications of the WHI results for FDA regulation of estrogen plus progestin drug products, specifically regarding long-term use of the products for prevention and treatment of PMO.
18 Specifically regarding the crown's policy on individual holdings, Parliament held throughout Bates's case that extra-parliamentary levies and the king's royal prerogative were constrained by the common law protection of individual property.
19 McHugo argued that regardless of the British hesitation to pressure Israel for abiding by international law, and regardless of the British government's continuous disregard of the fact that the international law supports the Palestinian rights; Britain has always been obliged to take a position towards the developments of the Palestinian issue, and it has always took one that could be justified in terms of the international law, specifically regarding resolution 242.
20 You will recall that Dr Goode specifically regards as unimportant the distinction between omission and commission, between doing something to bring about death, as opposed to standing by and letting death take its course.
21 In his "Twenty-six Admonitions," Nikko Shonin, who is specifically regarded as the treasure of the priest in the Daishonin's Buddhism, states: "Until kosen-rufu is achieved, propagate the Law to the full extent of your ability without begrudging your life" ( Gosho Zenshu , p. 1618).
22 A timeline of events specifically regarding Gruen and KCF as well as contemporaneous accounts and findings by others regarding KCF and Vineyard (the Association of Vineyard Churches , under John Wimber's leadership eventually assumed control of KCF) will help in assessing the facts and will shed further light.
23 As regards more specifically the Judicial Police, many persons deprived of their liberty stated that they had only been informed of their rights following an initial period of questioning".
24 Using challenging hardwood ash has been specifically regarded as an efficient teeth bleaching agent in this it includes an all-natural component called potassium hydroxide that has been identified to normally whiten the tooth and remove spots.
25 Although not statistically significant, focus groups can provide useful attitudinal and behavioral information, specifically regarding factors that influence both driver and pedestrian behavior.
26 I must say, I was very doubtful to say the least in obtaining a Master's degree online, specifically regarding my area of expertise.
27 Specifically regarding the Hermes copper butterfly, all sites identified as supporting the species prior to the 2003 Cedar Fire remain undeveloped, and most sites are within areas already identified for special attention to conserve other non-vernal pool threatened and endangered species (Level II MA).
28 Specifically regarding vernal pool species, San Diego fairy shrimp, Riverside fairy shrimp, and spreading navarretia, measures completed, being conducted, and planned for 2011-2015 on MCAS Miramar, as described in sections, Federally Listed Species, 7.4.2, Objective(s) and Planned Actions, and 7.5.1, Vernal Pool Habitat Management have and will continue to appreciably benefit the species.
29 Though the World Atlas of Language Structures does not include information specifically regarding Ura on its reduplication map, this map presents Erromangan as a language that uses full reduplication (Rubino, 2013).
30 This source provided the following information specifically regarding 20 January attack: "A young man named from the Shankill Road area of Belfast planted the last car bomb in Sackville Place.
31 The only research specifically regarding firefighter work schedules states "With respect to sustaining cognitive performance in the face of nocturnal alarms, clearly schedule 4 24 hour on, 72 hour off schedule that the DCFD currently works is the best schedule" The chief's plan would cut the number of firefighters by a whole shift, 475 firefighters.
32 Specifically regarding urban run-off management, the "Victoria Planning Provisions" c. 56.07-4 Clause 25 states that stormwater systems must meet best practice stormwater management objectives contained in the state guide Urban Stormwater: Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines.
33 However, due to its foundation on Islamic thought, the party has gained the largest number of critics nationally and internationally, and specifically regarding women's rights.
34 Legislation specifically regarding hydropower in the United States first appeared in 1901 with the first Federal Water Power Act, which required special permission for a hydroelectric plant to be built and operated on any stream large enough for boat traffic.
35 In 1971, the New York Radical Feminists sponsored the first events specifically regarding sexual violence as a social problem, the first of which was a speak-out, used to attach personal stories with the cause.
36 The MSOTs are the Marine Corps's first SOF unit to be trained and reserved for missions specifically regarding unconventional methods, which consequently disbanded the FMF's Force Reconnaissance companies to make way for the MSOTs' fully committed direct action capabilities.
37 Later, police and media accounts contradicted each other, specifically regarding Menezes's manner and clothing as he entered the station, and whether there had been any police warnings before they fired.
38 In 2006, reports up to a 13-fold variation was seen in PON1 levels in adults, as well as, specifically regarding sensitivity to diazoxon, a variation up to 26 and 14-fold was reported in a group of newborns and Latino mothers.
39 The Club for Growth criticized Huckabee in November 2007 over inconsistencies in how Huckabee represents his tax record, specifically regarding the 1999 gas and diesel fuel tax hikes.
40 More specifically regarding the causes of the exodus Morris says: "Both commanders were clearly bent on driving out the population in the area they were conquering," and "Many, perhaps most, expected to be driven out, or worse.