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1 He is universally regarded as an exemplary man .
2 Reducing use is universally regarded as the best step.
3 However, a 5ppm solution is not universally regarded as effective.
4 Meantime the abhorrence with which Alva was universally regarded had nearly reached to frenzy.
5 The "natives" no longer universally regard him as a supernatural and wholly evil being.
6 Nazi ideology and the actions taken by the regime are almost universally regarded as gravely immoral.
7 Fair or not , Song is universally regarded as a complete flop among Barca supporters.
8 FlyPast readers have a decided soft-spot for what are universally regarded as 'propliners'.
9 Reg Park has been universally regarded as a gentleman and great representative of the sport of bodybuilding.
10 Conversely, Bianca, her sister, is universally regarded as sweet and of a mild disposition.
11 The Grant administration is universally regarded as inept in Indian affairs as well as have been rife with corruption.
12 Although Tukhachevsky's prosecution is almost universally regarded as a sham, Stalin's motivations continue to be debated.
13 Among the various "life-nourishing ways", the physical exercise was almost universally regarded as necessary and very effective.
14 It was his first Test under the captaincy of Don Bradman, universally regarded as the best batsman in history.
15 Customary international law also provided insufficient evidence that the possession of nuclear weapons had come to be universally regarded as illegal.
16 Iskandar used to juggle countless music projects and was universally regarded as a workaholic - despite his laid-back , gentle demeanour.
17 One reason for this may be a desire to protect from criminal liability men whose conduct is not universally regarded as criminal.
18 In the Senate, in particular, Edwards was regarded almost universally by his former colleagues as a callow, shallow phony.
19 Over time, it has been critically re-evaluated and vindicated, and is now universally regarded as a masterpiece of psychological terror.
20 The film that he took there is now universally regarded as including some of the most important images of the actual assassination.
21 A second goal that is cited by Kagame, and which is universally regarded as accurate, is the overthrow of Mobutu.
22 No translation of the Bible, no matter how widely used by churches and academicians, has any sanctity or authority among learned and pious Jews, because it is universally regarded by the Jewish people as a corrupt text.
23 Placencia is universally regarded as having the best beaches on the Belizean mainland, and they're perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or just reading and sunbathing.
24 The change called death, - the word is a misnomer - universally regarded with gloomy fear, occurs so naturally and simply that the greater number, after passing out of the physical are not aware that the transition has been made, and having no knowledge of a spiritual life they are totally unconscious of having passed into another state of being.
25 Its story is all the more piquant, because the starting point, the harmful substance, was one almost universally regarded as an exceptionally evil human 'achievement'.
26 The presence or consumption of bananas is universally regarded as inviting terrible luck to a boating or fishing trip, especially among captains of charter fishing boats.
27 Because while Oranges and She-Devil were about as good as TV drama gets (there he goes, damning with faint praise again), The Swarm is universally regarded as an absolute stinker.
28 Universally regarded as the finest David Wright album, (album of the year 2002 in numerous outlets and radio shows) Walking with Ghosts is a sensational mix of memorable themes, atmosphere, great rhythms and haunting, emotive moments.
29 Inconsistently enough, the approved feminine role was "a passive and dependent one . . . even in our own democracy," while at the same time "the modern girl child in America is not taught to be the passive, dependent individual our culture has conceived of as the normal of adult femininity." This conflict, although existing for all American women, was intensified for Wacs, even as contrasted with the Army Nurse Corps, whose military status might meet public disapproval but whose profession was at least '. universally regarded and accepted as a feminine function." On the other hand, military service was believed to offer some psychological compensation through an opportunity for women to release many feminine frustrations and become active, independent individuals.
30 Even when He appears evil, commanding actions universally regarded as bad such as killing a son, we should nevertheless call Him good.
31 As for her, she never spoke to a man except aloud, and with so much haughtiness, that she was universally regarded as an inveterate foe to love; but, in her heart, she was quite otherwise.
32 Schweitzer's decision to pass opened the door for Republican Rep. Steve Daines to run, and the GOP universally regards him as their strongest possible contender.
33 These three vices are universally regarded as so detrimental to a horse, and so incurable, that if one is detected in a horse soon after it has been sold at a reputable horse auction, it is grounds for its sale to be cancelled.
34 Maggie P is universally regarded as an affectionate parody of legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland, now mostly associated with Vogue , though she was at Harper's Bazaar from 1937 through 1962, and it is Haper's Bazaar that gets screen credit as assisting with the film.
35 This conception of the mind is now almost universally regarded as disastrously wrong, for two reasons: first, because it creates a dualism of mind and body and second, because it is held to create insuperable sceptical problems.
36 In modern philosophical discussions, humans are universally regarded as the paradigm objects of moral respect; if anything has moral standing or dignity and so warrants respect, it is the individual human being.
37 From one end of the globe to another, FIFA is almost universally regarded as corrupt and has lost all credibility to lead.
38 Unfortunately, poetry was universally regarded as not Thornton's forte, however this particular poem had given some insight into the intellectual turmoil that he was enduring.
39 He theorized that if these problems were successfully avoided within the genre that the resulting work would be universally regarded for its excellence in fiction.
40 Nicknamed "The Doctor" and noted for his supreme technical skills, ringsmanship and defensive prowess which has seen him defeat some of the best strikers in the world while taking little-to-no damage, Petrosyan is universally regarded as the greatest middleweight of all time and possibly the best ever pound-for-pound kickboxer.