regard + activity

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1 Some regard such activities as social interactions.
2 Within public broadcasting there are two different views regarding commercial activity .
3 Anyone with a Linux server had information regarding these activities .
4 Nonetheless, contacts observe relative calm among realtors regarding weak sales activity .
5 Post Miranda, Scotland was questioned regarding the pawn activity .
6 Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie's evening activities .
7 The ACCU helped military commanders by providing intelligence regarding local guerrilla activities .
8 Others regard such activities as merely a social and recreational interaction with others.
9 Higher level of information disclosure regarding the activities and goals of the company.
10 The lowest price for propecia: bribes are sold by two regarding activities .
11 They regarded such activity as a schoolboy game of cloaks and daggers.
12 Section 203, which gives authorities the ability to share information regarding criminal activity .
13 Various theories regarding missions activity have prevailed in American Protestantism during different historical periods.
14 You requested that we conduct research regarding transaction activity or history on your account.
15 The region can broadly be divided into three areas as regards the productive activity .
16 During the 1960s Smith was active on many Rochdale Council committees regarding youth activities .
17 The bishops made it clear that they felt American policy regarding military activity was self-destructive.
18 Like many ethicists, Aristotle regards excellent activity as pleasurable for the man of virtue.
19 TAMUC has numerous traditions regarding athletic activity that are dearly held by students and alums alike.
20 See the activity entitled 'Trust and Prayer' for discussion ideas regarding this activity .
21 The officers and the reporter Ross Coulthart also made brief claims regarding operational activities and priorities.
22 Regarding FII activity in this country, CII's position has been a bit confusing.
23 I guess at bottom the question is whether this society regards same-sex activity as acceptable or not.
24 One such program involved the dissemination of blind memorandums regarding subversive activities to local and state police officials.
25 Hobson considered the colonists were creating a "republic" and regarded the council's activities as treason.
26 States, in addition, are moving in the direction of greater disclosure and transparency regarding lobbying activities .
27 This short section does not purport to be a complete statement of the legal position regarding vertical activity .
28 SEAL teams members in the compound collected hard drives and other electronic media regarding al-Qaida activities and connections .
29 Last year, C&ED received only a single complaint regarding such activities in the local market.
30 Also available on the website is other information regarding the commission's activity put out by the commission.
31 The concerns regarding illegal activity of IT systems is headline news and has coined the phrase "cybercrime".
32 Examination Procedures The Examination Documentation (ED) Modules include examination procedures regarding control activities and monitoring.
33 However, the DEA could not provide us with basic data regarding the activity of its international offices.
34 Regarding warlike activities of indigenous groups recalls the attacks of 1902, 1904, 1908, 1911 and 1912.
35 Border Patrol agents initially arrived on the scene after receiving a tip regarding potential smuggling activity in Eagle Pass.
36 As regards training activities , the Council resolved in 1988 that conservation and restoration were 'priority areas'.
37 Article 110 imposes a duty upon government to safeguard by formal law sufficient public access to information regarding governmental activities .
38 The study was conducted using cultured human tissue and did not draw any conclusions regarding related biological activity in nature .
39 This provides information regarding domestic activities , household organization, and political interactions of the Classic Maya at Aguateca.
40 In serving the public trust, a nonprofit should produce an annual report that contains information regarding activities and performance.