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1 It is often seen as the key document regarding sustainable development .
2 An official announcement regarding this development has still not been made .
3 Implications regarding the development of services are considered.
4 For many years, economic development was regarded as essentially linear.
5 Councillor Fraser will keep us informed regarding developments .
6 A number of theories developed regarding state development in Europe.
7 You will also find announcements regarding new developments in MIT computing.
8 Inferences regarding a tradition's development imply knowledge of its origin.
9 Their optimism regarding future business developments - although slightly cautious - also grew.
10 To that end, we will provide further updates regarding new developments .
11 Mill regarded economic development as a function of land, labour and capital.
12 Initially, other refinery operators regarded the developments at CRL with scepticism.
13 Following release, IGN interviewed Hiroyuki regarding the development of the game.
14 Regarding technological development , however, the Italian leadership took a very conservative view.
15 Sense of Congress regarding development of minerals under Padre Island National Seashore.
16 They should make the right judgment regarding the development of China's military capabilities.
17 Much was printed during the war regarding the radio telephone developments for our fighting forces.
18 Further details regarding regulatory developments on currency speculation are available through the BOT links below.
19 Carr concluded that "as regards economic development , Professor Dobb is conclusive".
20 For information regarding tank development in this period, see tank development between the wars.
21 Pannal Village Society has sometimes used the chapter house for public discussions regarding local development .
22 This has caused some concern and has led to various debates regarding development within those neighborhoods.
23 There are three major comparative advantages regarding the central development of a system like DMFAS.
24 Its development is therefore regarded , by some, as a mere accident of war.
25 Regarding development and welfare, greater resource abundance was found to be associated with poorer outcomes.
26 Find answers to your questions regarding online course development and enhancement at NCA&TSU.
27 Under the broad umbrella of psychoanalysis there are at least 22 theoretical orientations regarding human mental development .
28 John Stuart Mill, like Marx, also highly regarded development of the rational mind.
29 So far, positive results are seen regarding the development of women's organizational and entrepreneurial skills.
30 Refer to publications by Scheidler and Fitzpatrick regarding the development and proof of this theory .
31 Otherwise another 10 years with 10 best coaches can not do anything regarding BD's cricket development .
32 Trades secrets may include information regarding the development of systems, processes, products, and technology.
33 Via their friends and acquaintances, the Frank family stays up-to-date regarding developments in Nazi Germany.
34 The Basque company is also working on a cutting-edge innovation regarding the development of molecular diagnosis technologies .
35 As regards the development of the old Greek philosophy it is just the other way round.
36 The Swedish government committed itself to providing the AEC with information regarding nuclear energy developments in Sweden.
37 Perhaps the greatest question regarding the future development of transnational policing is: in whose interest is it?
38 The first detailed information regarding development of "Mass Effect 3" started being released in April 2011.
39 In 1954, the Town established a Planning Board which developed regulations regarding the development of subdivisions.
40 Some scholars regard these developments as an illustration of a strategy of 'Divide to Rule'.