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1 Stay knowledgeable regarding current events and noteworthy news items.
2 He has given thousands of television news interviews regarding current geological events .
3 All theories regarding the events can be considered pure speculation.
4 Geller is well known for making predictions regarding sporting events .
5 Bush's critics have questioned his leadership skills regarding some events .
6 In short something like this may break the assumptions regarding independent events .
7 Only those on the database will receive mailings regarding future events .
8 Here is some information regarding the Olympic events supplied by Wikipedia.
9 More details regarding the event will be announced in the future.
10 However, the summer season is the most attractive regarding cultural events .
11 This press release may contain projections and other forward-looking statements regarding future events .
12 Lacy regarded this event as the most formative of his life.
13 Milošević himself appears to have regarded the event as a triumph.
14 Thayer was advised by Worth regarding the events at North Barracks.
15 There is a Memorial regarding this event at Yekepa Parking.
16 Regarding cultural events , each month there is something for every taste and age.
17 There is a shortage on studies regarding personal events such as accidents or trauma.
18 Did Yaghoub show any sign of dissatisfaction or protest regarding the recent events ?
19 All notable racing nations also host their own highly regarded premier events for young horses.
20 Click here for more information regarding the event and access to the RSVP.
21 We both have seen the just plain stupid lies given by both sides regarding events .
22 They are contacted by the Hassassin regarding the events happening in the Vatican.
23 As a result, Officer Gromek's testimony regarding the events was uncontested.
24 Details regarding a campus event on the occasion of his retirement will be forthcoming.
25 Efforts are ongoing to bring about reconciliation between Poles and Ukrainians regarding these tragic events .
26 With some practice one can find a good deal of genuine news regarding current events .
27 Therefore, we would like to inform you of our policy regarding such events .
28 The government has not responded to letters sent by Human Rights Watch regarding these events .
29 Remember, this site contains massive spoilers regarding the events of the two HL games.
30 In addition, the technology automatically sends an alert regarding context-based events that require immediate attention.
31 Bert and Duncan were as uninformed as I regarding the forthcoming events of the programme.
32 CLICK HERE to read a letter from the President of India regarding this event .
33 In addition, regulators report information to CRD regarding certain disciplinary events involving brokers and brokerage firms.
34 I found it informative but sad in some respects regarding events during the 2nd world war.
35 The writers of the petition used the word "the Great Catastrophe" regarding the events .
36 That may be indicative of an educational issue regarding these events ," says Mr. Saito.
37 Funding approval must be obtained before anything can be booked regarding an event , including the venue.
38 Branham said that he had received seven major prophecies in 1933 regarding events unfolding in the world.
39 It includes mock government documents and interviews with individuals regarding the events and aftermath of the war.
40 Burke surveyed 3,000 Facebook users regarding events , stress levels, and support based on everyday activities.