regard + future

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1 Our hope is a certainty regarding the future .
2 The decline also reflected growing uncertainties regarding the future of the economy.
3 Hope is not a wish, but is certainty regarding the future .
4 These are opportunities for different political parties to discuss ideas regarding Ethiopia's future .
5 Mr. Haughton made many suggestions regarding the future of the church in Britannia.
6 In April 2007, a debate was held regarding the future of the radio station.
7 One reason is for "directive" purposes, which involves transmitting information regarding the future .
8 But within the Abolition Movement there are bitter disagreements regarding the future of freed slaves.
9 It can provide confidence to the west end community regarding the future of the University.
10 Draiman has released information regarding the future of Disturbed and his new project Device.
11 In his will John Brown wrote regarding the future of the firm after his death.
12 This text examines President Woodrow Wilson's policies regarding the future of the Danubian basin.
13 Institutional uncertainty regarding the future of the European space organization was particularly acute between 1966 and 1971.
14 Men were happier than women regarding the family life and more optimistic regarding the children's future .
15 This initiative has raised high expectations regarding the future of water and peace in the Middle East.
16 The company began to clear up suspicions regarding the future of its brands on 22 August 2012.
17 Hull eventually became cynical regarding the future of the field, causing him to pursue other interests.
18 No information was given regarding the future of the Festival, which normally takes place in November.
19 The change built the anticipation of the organization's decision regarding Manning's future with the team.
20 Progress on the return stalled, and no announcements were made regarding the future of the league.
21 The event would have been an excellent opportunity to discuss important issues regarding the future of the world.
22 As a society we are facing a moral cross-road regarding the future of all of our children.
23 The Panel released its report containing ideas regarding the future of Internet governance on May 20, 2014.
24 The part of the Camp David accords regarding the Palestinian future and all similar ones were declared invalid.
25 Erdrich uses symbolism here to express the concerns soldiers have regarding the future of their relationships after war.
26 In 1990 and 1994, NSB published two reports regarding the future of intercity rail transport in Norway.
27 This debate regarded the future of classical music and the roles both tonality and twelve-tone writing would take.
28 There was much debate regarding the future of Ground Zero following the destruction of the World Trade Center.
29 The season was plagued by inconsistent form, alongside injuries and speculation regarding Price's future at the club.
30 We live times of growing uncertainty regarding the future of our economy, our society, and of humanity.
31 Another significant trend regarding future of advertising is the growing importance of the niche market using niche or targeted ads.
32 He said that if the Islamic parties could overcome sectarian strife there would be no pessimism regarding the future .
33 During this time as well, an internal debate regarding the future of Béthanie was impeding the construction plans.
34 August 8, 2005 – Danish newspapers reported that Canada wished to open negotiations regarding the future of Hans Island.
35 This term, the New Testament hope, is not an uncertain wish, it is certainty regarding the future .
36 Underlying Gorman's fervent defense of his values of librarianship is a strong apprehension regarding the future of the profession.
37 You may also want to have a legal will that includes your wishes regarding the future of your magical tools.
38 This vote served as a basis point for the proposals of the Triple Entente regarding the future of Carpathian Ruthenia.
39 May is invariably a month when you have itchy feet and when important plans or decisions regarding the future are made.
40 Planning commissioner Tom Kerber said communication regarding the future of the township has greatly improved as a result of the gatherings .