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1 Nothing further was said publicly regarding the incident .
2 No action was ever taken regarding this incident .
3 Subsequently a police inquiry was held regarding the incident .
4 Microsoft later issued an apology regarding the incident .
5 The incident was regarded as an outrage against humanity.
6 CBS Sports obtained four different 911 calls made regarding the incident .
7 The students' parents were also contacted regarding the incident .
8 There were two stories in circulation regarding the incident .
9 Some had also put up special messages regarding this incident .
10 I have been reading the posts regarding this incident all morning .
11 Additional information regarding this incident is available from RMNP.
12 There have been numerous books, documentaries and debates regarding the incidents .
13 Most of the letters regarding the incident were destroyed or are missing.
14 Shakib later filed a case the following day regarding the incident .
15 See Flying Imams controversy for more details regarding this incident .
16 Southwest Airlines representatives later released two statements regarding the incident via their blog.
17 Cross provides vital information to Tsubasa regarding the incidents surrounding Atami.
18 Several protests were led by Cherry and Jim Blackwell regarding the incident .
19 Oyewole denied negligence by the PHCN regarding the incident .
20 Issuing a formal apology regarding the Tak Bai incident .
21 More than 100 complaints were received by the HKEAA regarding the incident .
22 TNA released a statement regarding the incident the next day through their website.
23 Officer Gordon Shyy confirmed that a police report was filed regarding this incident .
24 She pleaded guilty on 14 June 2012 to trespass charges regarding the February incident .
25 Recent reports have been circulating regarding almost 30 incidents of burglary in Union County.
26 There were reported multiple cases in which people called the police regarding the incident .
27 The Speaker case generated significant public attention and Congress conducted formal hearings regarding the incident .
28 Hendry Perera lodged a complaint regarding this incident at the Police Station.
29 Many regard this incident as one of Napoleon's cruelest acts in war.
30 Other systems (especially as regards major incidents ) use objective measures to direct resource.
31 Dispatchers receiving the call will make immediate notification to appropriate port staff regarding the incident .
32 On August 14, 2009, the NTSB released a report regarding the incident .
33 Sign's personnel never accepted this explanation, and regarded the incident as an unknown.
34 If the suspect is not located officers shall write a report regarding the incident . 9.
35 At approximately 6:40pm Surrey RCMP received a 911 call regarding a suspicious incident .
36 On Sunday morning, Paterno called then athletic director Timothy Curley regarding the incident .
37 It is getting scary now that there is no public anger like before regarding these incidents .
38 The overall handling of the incident was regarded as a success by the Swedish cabinet members.
39 He also spoke to the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond regarding the incidents .
40 Do not engage in any conversation regarding the incident other than receiving the required personal information.