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1 The local civil rules apply regarding other motion practice issues .
2 Television ad regarding this issue were hotly contested.
3 Catholic teaching regarding most social issues involves maintaining bodily integrity.
4 Considerable debate has taken place regarding issues surrounding protein intake requirements.
5 I appreciate your concern regarding this issue .
6 He himself had finished his job regarding this issue .
7 Provide an opportunity to document staff disagreements regarding technical issues 3.
8 He also frequently participated in debates regarding legal issues .
9 Almost forgot – regarding the stability issue with connection dropping.
10 Adolf Hitler regarded economic issues as relatively unimportant.
11 Any further advice regarding the PH issue ?
12 It was the biggest demonstration to date regarding the issue .
13 Many have also interviewed their congressional representatives regarding social issues .
14 And pray to God regarding this issue .
15 There is some tension regarding the issue of whaling.
16 Next, regarding the nuclear issue , questions are quite similar.
17 Positions are concise declarations regarding an issue relevant to radiation safety.
18 C. defer making decisions regarding these issues until the company is bigger.
19 He said contacting elected representatives regarding the issue is the next step.
20 I'm of two minds regarding this issue .
21 The Legislature amended the statute regarding the issue in 2001.
22 Thanks for all the helpful information regarding this issue .
23 Susan, I understand your concerns regarding this issue .
24 Please engage in discussion with your child regarding this issue .
25 SFGH may have further information regarding these issues .
26 I am aware of Slovenia's low reputation regarding this issue .
27 Thinking conceptually regarding this issue is easier than being concrete and specific.
28 Mr. Slominski is a nationally recognized expert regarding third-party documentation issues .
29 Also, CSOs discussed on several issues regarding daily issues .
30 Find out about Islamic rulings regarding any issues you face.
31 Demonstrations were held in Goa regarding the issue .
32 Apple Inc., refused to release a statement regarding this issue .
33 Sarkozy expressed support of the Jewish state regarding the Palestinian issue .
34 I read previous text about google sending email regarding the domain name issue .
35 Adverse opinions D. Regarding independence issues : 1.
36 How similar or different is GX7 regarding these two issues ?
37 Regarding this issue , Vietnam has strictly followed the proper standard procedure.
38 You should check with the schools you are considering regarding this issue .
39 Some have cited economic development as the cause regarding the environmental issues .
40 Resolutions announce the position of Council regarding a particular issue .