regard + matter

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1 Have u heard anything regarding this matter .
2 They are rendered blind to reason and logic regarding spiritual matters .
3 The writer has a signed handwritten document regarding this matter .
4 What is their duty regarding these matters ?
5 Any opinion and additional information regarding this matter is appreciated.
6 There is no doctrine regarding this matter .
7 Daly wrote to higher authorities regarding the matter .
8 Let us regard the matter somewhat more closely.
9 Ali wrote this letter regarding this matter .
10 I never receive a follow-up reply regarding matter .
11 Appeal Solutions is not extending legal advice regarding any subject matter .
12 Eicke's agency made all decisions regarding internal camp matters .
13 Hasn't their been some recent legislation changes regarding this matter ?
14 Let us investigate what Scripture says regarding this matter .
15 They had written him regarding numerous matters of concern().
16 I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter .
17 It was clear that he regarded the matter as closed.
18 Would you have any advice regarding this matter ?
19 Jaebeom issued an apology regarding this matter .
20 We also received today a reiterative request regarding the same matter .
21 But, eventually, things quieted down regarding the matter .
22 Noaberskop is regarded a matter of rights and obligations.
23 A. I do not remember of anything distinct regarding that matter .
24 He declined, stating that he regarded the matter as settled.
25 The District will be making no further comment regarding this matter .
26 Please if you could send some information regarding this matter .
27 Do not hesitate to call on us regarding a procedural matter .
28 Citron later pleaded guilty to six felonies regarding the matter .
29 The ruler was also to accept British "advice" regarding internal matters .
30 A criminal investigation regarding the matter was formally launched on 24 September 2007.
31 That 's not uncommon when calling for some decency regarding sexual matters .
32 Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.
33 The legal system does not regard the matter in this way however.
34 Earth's biosphere is a (relatively) closed system regarding matter .
35 The parties at the local level are instructed to meet regarding this matter .
36 Thus, it appears that there is some ambiguity regarding this matter .
37 Separately, the Australian Army has commenced further action regarding the matter .
38 Regarding the matter surrounding the County's Propane Contract.
39 Ministers can be questioned by members of Parliament regarding specific government policy matters .
40 Why are people looking at Japanese action regarding this matter with such negativity?