regard + nature

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1 The real issue is the evidence regarding the nature of sin.
2 During 2010, debate continued regarding the nature of reform.
3 Those are interesting points regarding the nature of IVF.
4 Still need some proof regarding the unconscious nature of such urges?
5 Hinns explanations are still problematic and erroneous regarding Gods nature .
6 As you regard human nature , you will teach.
7 Jones presents the argument regarding the collaborative nature of the project.
8 In 1500 few Europeans regarded nature as a subject worthy of inquiry.
9 There's almost no ambiguity regarding the erotic nature of this painting.
10 There was, however, some disagreement regarding the nature of angels.
11 But the verses provide some clues regarding the nature of the idea.
12 Such approaches provide powerful information regarding the nature of developmental growth within various domains.
13 There is a variety of hypotheses regarding the nature of these monumental structures.
14 The spokesman could not provide further details regarding the nature of the debris.
15 India and Pakistan have totally different perceptions regarding the nature of the dispute.
16 As regards dead nature , then such a distinction appears to be completely impossible.
17 Subud officially endorses no doctrine regarding the latihan's nature or benefits.
18 Many ancient religions and cultures regarded Nature as the overseer of their destiny.
19 Though cautious regarding the medical nature of alcoholism, AA has let others voice opinions.
20 This fact had a strong influence regarding the nature of the Sarbadar political state.
21 The account leaves room for doubt regarding the nature and extent of his empiricism.
22 Bodhi: the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things.
23 This research led to important conclusions as regards the nature of the stellar energy sources.
24 He did not wish to comment regarding the nature of the investigation in France.
25 Similarly, the principal transitions in nature were also regarded as occurring suddenly and dramatically.
26 Different views regarding the nature of the mind have led to different conceptions of suggestion.
27 How about you be intellectually honest for a change regarding the nature of their intentions .
28 There is no consensus regarding the nature and causes of HPPD (or flashbacks).
29 He argued that historicism is founded upon mistaken assumptions regarding the nature of scientific law and prediction.
30 Additional details regarding the nature of these and other items are included in the attached schedules .
31 In the first part, we will investigate controversies regarding the nature of the business enterprise.
32 This vivid, self-reliant experience is more likely to overcome naive misconceptions regarding the nature of suction.
33 It has not produced unity among charismatic regarding the nature and purpose of many of the gifts.
34 Yet, the spokesperson did not reveal further details regarding the nature of the new strategic cooperation.
35 Third, there are deep philosophical disagreements regarding the nature and even the existence of natural laws.
36 Draws a distinction between recitation and discussion and cites research regarding the nature and effectiveness of discussion.
37 No comment was given regarding the nature of the pair 's departure from the now-defunct game company.
38 Even during Ellen White's lifetime Adventists had different views regarding the nature of her prophetic ministry.
39 Here there are differences between Kenya and South Africa regarding the nature and structure of these incentives.
40 Further information was collected regarding the nature of the department's primary service area, and its population.