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1 They were pivotal in altering public opinion regarding apartheid policies .
2 The position as regards life insurance policy is different.
3 There are conflicting views regarding religious policy in his reign.
4 Also included is complete information regarding archdiocesan policies .
5 The differences amongst universities regarding these policies come in implementation.
6 They explained to me regarding the reservation policy .
7 Most Department of Corrections websites provide detailed information regarding mail policies .
8 Please contact your student's school for information regarding this policy .
9 Would it regard U.S. policy toward Afghanistan any less critically?
10 Conflicts regarding the new mural policy continue to this day.
11 Clinton issued the first directive regarding US policy on terrorism since 1986.
12 US energy policy was widely regarded in exchange markets as being in disarray.
13 As regards foreign policy , Oscar I was strongly anti-German.
14 Josephine is believed to have been behind several laws regarding the religious policies .
15 Kennedy regarded foreign policy as the key area for his new administration.
16 District managers sometimes have to educate and train managers regarding policies and procedures.
17 The simple fact is that nothing has really changed regarding this policy at MSU.
18 Similarly, ideological differences regarding domestic policy created a rift between the two nations.
19 Every employee shares the responsibility of informing patients and visitors regarding the visitation policy .
20 All results regarding noncooperative trade policy naturally generalize to the three-country case.
21 Trade unions in Costa Rica have protested regarding neo-liberal policies in general.
22 We at the Federal Reserve will face similar difficult judgment calls regarding monetary policy .
23 Currently, there exists a low approval rate from professional economists regarding many public policies .
24 Readers are encouraged to seek legal counsel regarding specific policies and practices in their organizations.
25 I write about new, cutting edge ideas regarding public policy , particularly concerning economics.
26 If you have any questions regarding these policies , please email the ASCB .
27 School Elections Voters receive notice from the school district regarding polling policies for school elections.
28 However, the inherent lack of consistency regarding issuance policies can lead to downstream problems.
29 The lack of an industrial policy is generally regarded as a weakness of French planning.
30 On its part, Pakistan regards Russian regional policies positively as favoring its vital interests.
31 The Romanian cultural elite regarded Antonescu's policies for the most part with sympathy.
32 The committee advises the SCAO regarding policies and procedures for friend of the court offices.
33 This agricultural policy was widely regarded as successful but expensive, and was curtailed in 2011.
34 We serve as a source of information regarding legislative policy and issues impacting the business community.
35 The incident raised questions regarding Apple's secrecy policy and working conditions in their Chinese factories.
36 During this visit, information should be provided regarding facility policies , schedules, and services.
37 A number of insightful comments and suggestions regarding the relevant policies were made during the panel discussion.
38 These changes alone would probably allow things to tilt back in the right direction regarding domestic policies .
39 I am in dispute with Scottish Provident regarding life insurance policies for myself and my husband .
40 It is important to remember that policies differ, and state laws regarding policies differ as well.