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1 There are strict regulations regarding the amateur status of golfers.
2 Laws regarding personal status are derived from Islamic law.
3 A similar controversy took place regarding the status of Israeli settlements.
4 There are divergent opinions regarding the status of Prekmurian.
5 Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?
6 Information regarding the status of green abalone in Mexico is scant.
7 It outlines principles and procedures regarding the treaty's status and execution.
8 Please do not call or write regarding the status of your application.
9 This dispute regarding social status and ritual privilege, lasted from 1822–1825.
10 Today there are conflicting reports regarding the status of U.S. aid to Egypt.
11 He and Alex are on the same wavelength as regards status and appearances.
12 There is some controversy regarding RFT's status in regard to behavior analysis.
13 This morning 's hearing was regarding the status of the baby's foster parents.
14 There have been conflicting studies regarding the taxonomic status of the golden-crowned sifaka.
15 Check in regularly with lawyers regarding the status of the assignments you are given.
16 Employees may be required to explain information regarding clients' status to other agency staff.
17 The courts took different views regarding the status of the viatical settlement contracts as securities.
18 In the meantime, major questions arose regarding the status of Ontario's nuclear plants.
19 Regarding residential status , emerging adults in the United States have very diverse living situations.
20 Many articles regarded the Church's status , thus supplementing the existing canon law texts.
21 Applicants will be notified via email in mid-October regarding the status of their application.
22 Information regarding the status of the business and the financial condition of the Company.
23 The socio-economic situation was very miserable, particularly as regards the nutritional status of urban residents.
24 These are neutral states without any constitutional or official announcement regarding status of religion or secularism.
25 Partner organizations must submit annual updates to EPA regarding the status of their green power use.
26 Chajes et al. (1996) had no data regarding nutritional status of the subjects.
27 Public aquariums are a good source of information regarding the status of captive breeding of invertebrates.
28 These countries span a wide range of situations regarding the legal status and safety of abortion provision.
29 As regards status , the most elaborate enactments fall into the period preceding the Danish settlements.
30 Today , Cadillac released 2011 drill results to provide information regarding the current status of the property.
31 The fraternity tried its best to maintain up-to-date records regarding the status of members engaged in combat.
32 She also takes phone calls from creditors and communicates with clients regarding the status of their cases.
33 The Biblical foundations of Christian doctrines regarding the theological status of Jews include prophetic and didactic texts.
34 The government does not regularly notify family members or respond to information requests regarding the status of detainees.
35 Expect a follow up call regarding the status of your Public Works request within two business days.
36 However, U.S. presidents have argued that Congressional resolutions regarding the status of Jerusalem are merely advisory.
37 UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali expressed his concern regarding the status of Afghan women.
38 If asked, brief them regarding the status of the club, and any other pertinent information.
39 Communicate closely with the Engineering Lead and Chief Technical Officer regarding the status of the game.
40 The White House Task Force Report on Puerto Rico has taken important and historic steps regarding status .