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1 Decisions regarding treatment are no longer complicated by financial restrictions.
2 It is proof that doctors receive misleading information regarding alternative cancer treatments .
3 The individual has the right to make final decisions regarding treatment .
4 There have been no controlled studies regarding this treatment .
5 Her treatment is regarded as marking the beginning of psychoanalysis.
6 It contained allegations regarding McGuire's treatment of employees.
7 Few clinical outcome studies exist regarding the treatment of central polydactyly.
8 Some countries have developed a particularly notorious reputation regarding treatment of migrants.
9 That is EXACTLY how mainstream medicine functions America regarding cancer treatment .
10 The data regarding nutritional treatment of the conditions mentioned above is still inconclusive.
11 We provide counseling to the patient and families regarding treatment and prevention.
12 Policies regarding health treatment at prison institutions often limit the availability of care.
13 Zelda and Victor sort out some of their concerns regarding treatment .
14 For information and guidance regarding treatment , read through our Treatment Section .
15 I have a question regarding the topical treatment on BCC.
16 The amendments also include language regarding the direct rollover treatment of 2009 RMDs.
17 A new law regarding involuntary treatment of mental patients was put into action in 1969.
18 There are major differences in Polish and Lithuanian historiography regarding treatment of the war.
19 In 2008, he supported the California Proposition 2 regarding treatment of farm animals.
20 Part V explores how international law may influence decisions regarding the treatment of intersexed children.
21 Low patient and provider expectations regarding psychological treatment may explain particularly low placebo responses to psychiatric treatments.
22 Heat treatment was widely regarded as first occurring in Europe at about 25,000 years ago.
23 Thank you for your email dated March 3rd regarding homeopathic treatments in the NHS.
24 Consult your own physician, other health practitioner regarding the treatment of any medical condition.
25 As if they've ever been left behind as regards the treatment of black people!
26 The decision regarding the most appropriate treatment will be made in consultation with the clinician.
27 The growing number of both legal and undocumented migrants has raised awareness regarding the treatment of minorities.
28 I can't claim deep familiarity with the differences between most countries as it regards forced treatment .
29 He laid the foundations for the future Geneva conventions regarding the treatment of medical doctors during warfare.
30 Two key issues regarding treatment of offenders are time spent in treatment and engagement in the process.
31 Please refer to the pamplets regarding H1N1 treatment distributed at the beginning of the fall semester.
32 A living will is a record of your wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of life.
33 What amuses me about the misogyny comments is they usual regard the treatment of The Woman.
34 Little information is known regarding the best treatment for FMD outside of the renal and extracranial regions.
35 Ronaldo is believed to be upset regarding the treatment he's received from FIFA in recent months.
36 Categorizing severity of concussion into three grades, recommendations regarding treatment and continuing participation attach to each grade.
37 NARRATOR : International humanitarian law imposes obligations on those engaged in armed conflict regarding the treatment of prisoners.
38 Rules and regulations regarding bycatch treatment are difficult to enforce by the nature of the bycatch being unintentional.
39 Some of the social commentary regarding the poor treatment of Native Americans by the government was toned down.
40 Your pharmacist or doctor will be able to offer advice and reassurance regarding the treatments available for threadworm.