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1 Follow requests from public officials regarding water use during cleanup operations.
2 No studies are available regarding this use .
3 Reducing use is universally regarded as the best step.
4 The ancient physicians explained various experiences regarding the use of barley.
5 C3500 regarding use of commercial aircraft. 3.
6 These studies frequently miss the larger issues regarding use of force.
7 Evaluation Program has been extensively evaluated regarding use and impact.
8 Many venues place strict guidelines regarding the use of safety cables.
9 See cleaning uses for further references regarding antimicrobial use .
10 For more information regarding use of our photographs please contact us .
11 The incident sparked public debate regarding the appropriate use of pepper spray.
12 The province has very strict laws regarding use of road-side signs.
13 Clinical study data regarding SAM-e use in children is limited.
14 Different physicians have different recommendations regarding the use of earplugs.
15 A questionnaire regarding hormone therapy use was added to the screening invitation letter.
16 I agree with you regarding the use of a pressure cooker.
17 There is no information available regarding the use of melatonin by children.
18 Most equestrian organizations have rules regarding use of the crop in competitions.
19 Want to contact us directly regarding use of this video ple .
20 See Ch 2, Part F regarding mandatory CTO use .
21 Twenty-five states had regulations regarding the use of reclaimed water in 2002.
22 Unaware of the literature regarding the use of acrylic.
23 Manual Receipts Proper controls should exist regarding the use of manual receipts.
24 The Buddhist tradition has incorporated two traditions regarding the use of jhana.
25 Consult your doctor regarding the use of sunscreens and protective clothing.
26 This provides Defence with some security regarding the use of the land.
27 Kim has tackled several issues regarding the use of bicycles in San Francisco.
28 Section 3.0 of these notes contain instructions regarding the use of such support.
29 Different organizations have different policies regarding the use and publication of project code names.
30 There were various interwar debates regarding British use of propaganda, particularly atrocity propaganda.
31 A little story regarding the use of the Lumia Icon on another carrier.
32 Besides, there are restrictions regarding the use and maintenance of the house.
33 The Institute has enacted rigorous regulations regarding the use and display of these designations.
34 Information regarding Robocopy's use including its switches is chronicled on the Internet.
35 A variety of issues regarding potential uses and abuses of these technologies have become apparent.
36 The event incited global concern regarding the use of social networking services for bullying purposes.
37 Jews for Jesus has been involved in litigation regarding Internet use of its name.
38 What Choices Do You Have Regarding the Use of Your Information?
39 The unfolding of military power necessarily conditions political decisions regarding the use of that power.
40 However, there was disagreement among panel members regarding Advair's use in children.