know + regard

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1 Those are well known and highly regarded poor areas of the city.
2 This well known and highly regarded product emerged out of Germany in 1911.
3 Mean Streets , Taxi Driver , and Goodfellas are some of his better known and regarded films.
4 It is from not knowing , or not regarding this, that there is so little holiness in the church.
5 By the end of his tenure he was widely known and well regarded within the Episcopal Church for his liberal views.
6 Since this time, DJM has become one of the best known and most highly regarded placement agencies in the region.
7 Mihdhar, who had spent time in al-Qaeda camps in the 1990s, was known and highly regarded by Bin Laden.
8 The Berber King Masinissa (c.240–148) was for many decades both well known and well regarded at Rome.
9 For the conference we have secured commitments from some of the best known and highly regarded thinkers on men's rights and issues ever assembled in one place.
10 An invaluable record of the early days of American sailing ships Coggeshall, the author of this work, is both well known and highly regarded by those interested in chronicles of the great days of sail during the early nineteenth century.
11 Mrs. Ahern was born in Malden, Mass., but had lived the greater part of her life in this city, where she was widely known and highly regarded .
12 The South's raiding cavalry on campaign This substantial, well known and highly regarded work presents itself to the reader as a history of a renowned unit of Confederate Cavalry.
13 American theatre is well known and well regarded here, and to choose a piece from any of those just mentioned is thoroughly viable.
14 This latest account updates the fate of another suspect, a man once acquitted of a murder charge, and mentions the role of a former sheriff, who was then nationally known and highly regarded , but is now behind bars himself.
15 Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity.
16 About Operis Group plc Operis is a London-based project finance advisory firm, well known and regarded for its financial modelling expertise and experience.
17 The fledging club's capture of this renowned and accomplished centre-half from Renton was a massive coup for Celtic as James Kelly was one of the best known and highly regarded players of his era, as well as a very respected person.
18 A misconception, in fact of the character of the people has vitiated all the attempts of various Sovereigns to better their condition ; they have sought to amalgamate them with the body of their subjects, not knowing , or not regarding the temper of the Hebrews, and the plain language of Scripture, that ' the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.
19 Also noted for its arts community, St. Petersburg regularly places top 25 in the nation among arts destinations Recently, St. Petersburg has become known and regarded as one of America's most livable cities.
20 Hobbes's thought, in contrast, was both well known and widely regarded as in need of refutation on account of its low view of man.
21 Sam has been a valuable and influential advocate for the campus in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., and we are truly fortunate to be so well known and highly regarded by our elected representative.
22 With Carter's national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski still a widely known and highly regarded public figure, and with several U.S. Senators of Polish descent, advocacy for Polish democracy and liberty interests was a foregone conclusion in Washington as it could be counted upon to place an additional heavy burden on the Soviet Union in world public opinion.
23 According to his biographer, [ 4 ] " So widely famed was the Bishop as a traveller, and so great his reputation as a connoisseur of all good things, that Lord Bristol's hotel...came to be the best known and regarded in every city or town where he sojourned and was thus the precursor of the Hotels Bristol to be found all over Europe . Lord Bristol died in Italy at the start of the Napoleonic wars (1803–15), which interrupted the Grand Tour . The Bristol in Paris was one of many opened in the ensuing peace, hoping to re-establish the Continental tourist trade.
24 Two well known and extremely highly regarded scientists who have performed multiple studies highlighting the biological hazards in this area include Professor Magda Havas in Ontario, Canada and Dr. Samuel Milham, out of Washington State– who also happens to be one of the most respected epidemiologist in the United State, and who has been studying the adverse impacts of a variety of manmade electromagnetic radiation sources on human health since the 1960s.
25 " The information "must be generally known and generally regarded as a good basis for further action by the bulk of those engaged in that art before it becomes part of their common stock of knowledge relating to the art, and so part of the common general knowledge.
26 Faculty to establish itself as the supreme and best german team I really want to see this team known and regarded as the king of Germany cuz let's be honest they are good enough and at least @ LAN they have proved to be an excellent contender, besides Mousesports seems to struggle all the time to win their matches -.