concern + regard

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1 The incident has raised concerns regarding industrial safety regulations.
2 We recognize the unique privacy concerns regarding children.
3 Safety is another concern regarding the working condition.
4 Construction ran into difficulties following concerns regarding potential landslides.
5 Dalton had previously voiced concerns regarding his treatment.
6 I appreciate your concern regarding this issue.
7 My biggest concern regarding the archipelago is the marine realm.
8 Some individual parents expressed concern regarding the frequency of marking homework.
9 Concern regarding water quantity in addition to water quality is rising.
10 Another often stated concern regards the environmental impact of higher densities.
11 Thus ethical concerns regarding forced treatment or coercion of minors arise.
12 They also express concern regarding this suggestion.
13 Concerns regarding side effects is greater in the elderly.
14 The evangelical community has expressed concerns regarding several of the clauses.
15 Additionally, labour groups expressed concern regarding the agreement.
16 Edmund shows concern regarding Albany's absence.
17 There was serious concern regarding the possibility of a clouded title.
18 Some individuals have serious concerns regarding what happens to leftover embryos.
19 Water pollution is one of the main concerns regarding water resources.
20 One of the main concerns regarding biodiesel is its viscosity.
21 There were also concerns regarding the project's potentially high budget.
22 They share their concern regarding Tommy's disappearance.
23 They are however not recommended due to concerns regarding excessive cardiac stimulation.
24 However, there have been concerns regarding marriages and civil partnerships.
25 There have been some injury concerns regarding the talented Gonzalez .
26 Susan, I understand your concerns regarding this issue.
27 I personally desire to go through even more concerns regarding it!
28 What are my concerns regarding David's work.
29 This in effect negates the concerns regarding capacity.
30 Concerns regarding its use are noted in the previous section.
31 However , tin rallied over concerns regarding tight supply from Indonesia.
32 There have always been concerns regarding politics in Sri Lanka.
33 There are several concerns regarding the Global Language System.
34 In years past , there were concerns regarding Hill's consistency.
35 Conflict of interest concerns regarding the doctoral thesis committee have been raised.
36 There are also concerns regarding corruption and sectarian agendas within the force.
37 Your concern regarding the risk reward equation for this stock is valid.
38 Finally, there are also concerns regarding sample generalisability.
39 Thus, there are health and environmental concerns regarding their proper disposal.
40 Concerns regarding the long-term effects of benzodiazepines have been raised since 1980.