decision + regard

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1 My personal decisions regarding professional affiliations are based upon confronting reality.
2 A reasoned decision regarding pros and cons is taken.
3 Decisions regarding treatment are no longer complicated by financial restrictions.
4 Planning ahead helps minimize last-minute or inappropriate decisions regarding euthanasia.
5 Proper management – How are decisions regarding construction and development made?
6 All decisions regarding patient data handling were made prior to unblinding.
7 Our emotions can lead us to bad decisions regarding investing.
8 Decisions regarding acceptance are made within two weeks after the interview.
9 The individual has the right to make final decisions regarding treatment.
10 The handler makes all the decisions regarding their partner.
11 Women's ability to make decisions regarding reproduction was limited.
12 This test results in uniform decisions regarding admissibility.
13 C. defer making decisions regarding these issues until the company is bigger.
14 The legal restrictions can constrain decisions regarding both production and marketing activities.
15 Here important decisions regarding conduct of daily worship and festivals are taken.
16 Eicke's agency made all decisions regarding internal camp matters.
17 Every homeowner must make a decision regarding roach control.
18 They make all decisions regarding the NSA spying rights .
19 I am thrilled with the recent decisions regarding Marriage Equality.
20 Official C.I.P. decisions regarding pressure are specified in the unit bar.
21 Final decisions regarding parole requests are made by an USCIS official.
22 Should I continue to inform him of decisions regarding the children?
23 Decisions regarding the Hungarian minority reverted to the Czechoslovak government.
24 We review the district court's decision regarding preemption de novo.
25 Time will tell whether Villa made the right decision regarding McLeish.
26 The proportions of traction types ordered would depend on decisions regarding further electrification.
27 The insurance coordinator will mail final decisions regarding waiver requests to the student.
28 I would like to make an informed decision regarding your question.
29 The commissioners who made decisions regarding Grady were coming up for re-election.
30 Scope of Decisions - Decisions regarding case management services affect the client.
31 A decision regarding price hike would be made at the appropriate time .
32 QUESTION: Any decision regarding delivering MANPADS to the rebel?
33 Even strategic decisions regarding changes to the building are affected , he said.
34 We will certainly try to be more sensitive in future decisions regarding placements.
35 The decision regarding color can be made after the fabric has been manufactured.
36 Lots of decisions regarding machines and technology were made – good and bad .
37 However, he took no comparable decision regarding the Peel-Raam Position.
38 But auto manufacturers are not being challenged on their decisions regarding personal computing technologies.
39 Defense Secretary Rumsfeld recused himself from all government decisions regarding the drug.
40 WHO is not involved in country-level decisions regarding the purchase of vaccines.