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1 Online discussion regarding this topic has increased.
2 Equally important was the discussion regarding funding challenges for transportation improvements.
3 This post follows yesterday's discussion regarding good faith.
4 There were discussions regarding conversion to Christianity.
5 With discussions regarding weapons, the language used is often abstract.
6 For a more detailed discussion regarding above mentioned side-effects click here .
7 The discussion regarding police department staffing and operations will be ongoing.
8 For a further discussion regarding the quote see here .
9 UConn and Hartford officials are continuing discussions regarding the move .
10 There is some discussion regarding delaying Stage II implementation .
11 Facilitate discussion regarding the selected clip and leadership concept.
12 Cookies Have there been any recent discussions regarding a takeover?
13 Discussions regarding the Presidential Campaigns seem impossible to avoid.
14 See the note at the end for further discussion regarding significance.
15 See Appendix B for more discussion regarding CSS.
16 There is much research and discussion regarding climate change and its impacts.
17 The video includes discussion regarding the potential privacy implications of this feature.
18 There has also been discussion regarding if Baraga represented nasal.
19 Discussion regarding the book and Dr. King. 2.
20 Discussion regarding destiny does not necessitate the existence of a higher power.
21 Donald Sensing has a post and discussion regarding this point.
22 Involve all family members in the discussion regarding a new pet.
23 I wish you great success as you engage in discussions regarding important themes.
24 He gathers his advisors for a serious discussion regarding Dione's offer.
25 After lunch there's quite a good panel discussion regarding the medical evidence.
26 Ten Forward is the forum for general discussions regarding Star Trek related topics.
27 There was some discussion regarding the relative importance of nutrient density and energy density.
28 Nowhere in the Internet can you see such engaging discussions regarding spy phones.
29 Thanks for this refreshing counterpoint to some uncomfortable discussion regarding NAMI posted recently.
30 This also involves discussions regarding the price and the form of the dowry.
31 But let's get back to our discussion regarding Iraq and Iran.
32 The phrase occurs in discussion regarding how wise rulers set about cultivating wisdom and virtue.
33 However, by the 1946 convention there was an open discussion regarding this topic.
34 This extension was a result of cogenerative discussion regarding the needs of the students.
35 Athena and Boomer have a heated discussion regarding the fate of the child.
36 We'll leave the discussion regarding failure and central nervous system issues for another time.
37 I recently participated in an online discussion regarding the advantages of the various certification programs.
38 Pannal Village Society has sometimes used the chapter house for public discussions regarding local development.
39 It includes ongoing discussions regarding the risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial.
40 This conference is timely given the current discussion regarding potential regulation of the hedge fund industry.