opinion + regard

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1 There are various opinions regarding its origins.
2 They were pivotal in altering public opinion regarding apartheid policies.
3 Critics offered different opinions regarding the replay value.
4 There were many different opinions regarding the best standard.
5 A difference of opinion regarding serious ambitions is possible.
6 Growth and refinement of pilot opinion regarding desirable flying qualities.
7 However the general opinion regarded him positively.
8 Public opinion regarding his tenure as president is still divided.
9 Opinions regarding the decision are quite mixed among the baseball community .
10 Critics' opinions regarding the episode were generally mixed.
11 The Marshall Court also issued important opinions regarding criminal procedure.
12 The Arizona Ethics Committee has rendered many opinions regarding client confidentiality.
13 Opinions regarding where the nirvana position lies are numerous and varied.
14 There are many different opinions regarding the value of social media interactions.
15 What are you opinions regarding copper sulfate, and chelated copper.
16 Additionally, public opinion regarding affordable housing impacts the decision of politicians.
17 Please comment below on your opinion regarding requiring board posters to register.
18 You have requested our opinion regarding certain U.S. federal income tax matters.
19 There were various opinions regarding Abdul Rahman being declared unfit for trial.
20 There are divergent opinions regarding the status of Prekmurian.
21 Question: What is your opinion regarding the sensitivity of men.
22 Just some opinion regarding how you could promote our activism.
23 However, researchers hold contrary opinions regarding the effects of long-term administration.
24 Opinions regarding the quality of Weissenborns' construction vary.
25 Need your opinion regarding kitchen appliances.
26 Opinions regarding the building were divided.
27 I answer that, There is a twofold opinion regarding this form.
28 This document contains my current opinions regarding how people's brains work.
29 PRP: What's your opinion regarding the brazilian crossover scene.
30 Should we humanitarians be able to publicly express our opinions regarding conflicts?
31 What is your opinion regarding God?
32 The subsequent events are mired in controversy and differences of opinion regarding fact.
33 Opinion regarding the Columbian Issue at the time was mixed.
34 This best-selling utopian novel played a large role in shaping public opinion regarding equality.
35 It does not poll people, or ask their opinion regarding intended behaviour.
36 Don't be afraid to voice your professional opinion regarding pt's care.
37 We are happy to help you with a second opinion regarding your vision.
38 Opinions regarding the Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge vary .
39 In science, there are two main opinions regarding this process of interbreeding.
40 Another example echoes this concern: "Staff have divided opinions regarding ECPs.