policy + regard

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1 The best policy regarding fatty liver syndrome is prevention.
2 Members should have policies regarding employee conduct.
3 Policy regarding funding is not being effectively implemented.
4 Policies regarding temp workers tend to differ between companies.
5 Individual schools should develop specific policies regarding their programs.
6 These are the dominant economic entities setting policies regarding public debt.
7 The faculty has enacted a strict policy regarding competition credits.
8 Employers should review their employment policies regarding disabilities and reasonable accommodations.
9 This also violates our current policies regarding patient confidentiality.
10 Firm can have different policies regarding margin.
11 European countries have had varying policies regarding women and military service.
12 Also, the policies regarding doubling coupons changes regularly.
13 D. Know the policies regarding family planning.
14 What are the program's policies regarding inpatient care?
15 For more information, please read our policy regarding comments .
16 Different NGOs pursue different policies regarding recruitment of teachers.
17 Rules and Policies regarding tuition free transfer students have changed.
18 The NFL also tweaked policies regarding other drugs.
19 Can you please explain the policy regarding Christmas?
20 Defendants shall formulate a written policy regarding the administration of medication.
21 Organizations should have a policy regarding staff and youth interactions.
22 Q: What are your policies regarding copyright?
23 There are six major periods of policy regarding American Indians.
24 However, the basic policy regarding FDI holding still applies.
25 The foundations of public policy regarding organ procurement provide an instructive example.
26 Each college has its own policies regarding pass-fail classes.
27 Baruch College has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing .
28 Therefore, we have adopted the following privacy policy regarding children.
29 To establish policy regarding the operations of the City.
30 The Valley News has tightened its' policy regarding comments.
31 Millions of Americans are against U.S. policy regarding Israel .
32 The school board sets policies regarding eligibility to participate in these activities.
33 What are the u of t policies regarding doing a 2 times?
34 The hotel has ' strict policies regarding visitors in guest rooms'.
35 Now Cafe Flore has changed their policy regarding breakfast side .
36 I have a policy regarding people getting their first tattoo.
37 The Ford Foundation has modified its policies regarding funding of NGOs.
38 He opposed Republican policy regarding the War in Iraq.
39 Therefore, we have established the following policies regarding copyright infringement claims.
40 Q: What are the ships' policies regarding guests going ashore?