statement + regard

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1 Your statements regarding wavelengths of particles are incorrect.
2 The statement regarding her ethnic background sparked controversy.
3 Leading intelligent design proponents have made conflicting statements regarding intelligent design.
4 Which of the following statements regarding pediatric anatomy is correct?
5 Google released no statement regarding the leak.
6 The accuracy of statements regarding 1,400 lb was challenged.
7 Which of the following statements regarding investment companies are TRUE?
8 A number of notable individuals have given controversial statements regarding ADHD.
9 Which of the following statements regarding segment disclosure is TRUE?
10 Below is their statement regarding their commitment to sustainability.
11 Authorial statements regarding portraits have been vague.
12 Choose the correct statement regarding keystroke dynamics.
13 Statement regarding weak and recessed chin is the major hurdle.
14 LucasArts never released an official statement regarding the game cancellation.
15 Select the correct statements regarding stream and block ciphers.
16 Please read our statement regarding this before you flame us.
17 In September 2013 Maya released a video statement regarding the lawsuit.
18 I agree with your statement regarding large mortgage payments and financial independence.
19 Which of the following statements regarding ventricular fibrillation is MOST correct?
20 Apple Inc., refused to release a statement regarding this issue.
21 I somewhat disagree with your statements regarding Alexander Graham Bell.
22 At the police station, the girls made statements regarding the abuse.
23 Which of the following statements regarding two-rescuer child CPR is correct?
24 This press release may contain forward-looking information and statements regarding the Company.
25 The Patriots issued a statement regarding Dennard 's current troubling situation.
26 Or Luke's modification of statements regarding post-resurrection appearances.
27 This press release may contain projections and other forward-looking statements regarding future events.
28 Your statements regarding " only USA and Spanish" are also false.
29 Which of the following statements regarding a mutual fund omitting prospectus are TRUE?
30 Southwest Airlines representatives later released two statements regarding the incident via their blog.
31 This document contains forward-looking statements regarding MedImmunes future financial performance and business prospects.
32 So, I dont see how your statement regarding my friends applies.
33 False Statement Regarding Admission to the State Bar.
34 The sole content of Article III is the statement regarding separation of powers.
35 TNA released a statement regarding the incident the next day through their website.
36 The FCA has published a policy statement regarding crowd funding in March 2014.
37 That's some statement regarding TriVita, wouldn't you agree?
38 The only company which makes a statement regarding preventing abortion has a killed vaccine.
39 Which of the following statements regarding normal gas exchange in the lungs is correct?
40 A statement regarding whether anything of value was received in return for the contribution.